Spark – November 2015 Issue

This month, get ready to travel to new realms created through a delightful collection of fiction, non-fiction and poetry! The November 2015 issue themed ‘Wonderland’, we are sure, will be a thrilling journey for you as our writers take you to fascinating and mysterious worlds through their words. We hope you enjoy this issue!

The Wonderland of My Childhood

In a poem that captures the beauty of life in a village as a child, Mohankumar presents his version of Wonderland.

Little Ria

Little Ria loves to dream and is full of creativity. But she fears how the world would perceive her and her ideas. Anupama Krishnakumar tells Little Ria’s tale.

Reading Jibanananda in Snow Storms

Bakul Banerjee explores some of the dreamy imageries of Bengali poet, Jibanananda Das, in a poem.


Bhargavi Chandrasekharan envisages a mercurial artist in the equipoised wife, rearranging the little pieces of the grand old Tamizh epic, Silappadikaram. Here is the tale of an innocent woman, treading into the frightening and fantastical folds of her mind ,one thought at a time.

A Review of ‘Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights’

Parth Pandya reviews Salman Rushdie’s latest ‘Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights’, calling it a work of uncommon and unabashed beauty.


Tara is wonderstruck at the giant thingamabob in her son’s house. Sudha Nair tells the story.


Look around and the omnipresent beauty will find you in her myriad ways. Saima Afreen unleashes a whole new world in front of your eyes through her poem.

The Silence that I Seek

Spells of perfect silence are brief and elusive like the dew that slips off a leaf. Anupama Krishnakumar writes a poem on the elusive silence that leaves her wonderstruck.

The Flying Crane

Sadako, suffering from leukaemia due to exposure to radiation from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, makes a wish. Vani Viswanathan tells you how.


Sarah finishes reading a book and a chain of events unfurl following that. Anupama Krishnakumar writes a story with strange twists and turns.

Wonderlands of the Past

What exactly is Wonderland for Aman Chougle? It is a place where you’re never cynical about or resent anything, he writes.