Spark – May 2016 Issue

Summer vacations are sure to indulge you in nostalgia about visiting a relative’s home, your parents’, often a grandparent’s. Let Spark take you down that journey once again, with our May issue themed ‘Home’! We hope you enjoy – as much as we did – discovering the many emotions – wonderful, cosy, complex – that home evokes.

Remembering Home

We all leave our homes to look for better opportunities, explore other lives and fulfil our ambitions. However, somewhere deep inside us stays fledgling remains of worlds we call our home. ARTOHUS writes a poem that reflects on the nostalgia one feels for home when one is away from it.


An old woman who has spent all her life in her ancestral home in Kerala tells us how her home used to be one with her- living and breathing with her in the verdant environs. When she returns after a brief stay with her son in a distant metropolis she finds her old home struggling for breath in its altered surroundings. How will they – the house and the old woman – overcome this difficult situation? Indu Parvathi writes a short story.

Family Maxims

Bakul Banerjee presents the evolving drama that went on in a home in a prose poem.

My Madras, My Chennai

This piece is a reflection on what the city of Chennai means to Vaishnavi. It is an attempt to capture the essence of the city as she knows it. This piece is personal; it is about her Chennai, her home: the memories evoked, the emotions elicited and what home means.

The Silver Oak Home

From the window of a new house, occupied briefly to transform it into a home with sundry ceremonies, the narrator observes a Silver Oak magnanimously offer itself as a space to be. Anna Chandy’s poem is about another notion of home.

Whose House is it Anyway?

Who makes a home? When does a house become a home? And when does one truly mentally ‘move on’ from the home she grew up in, to build her own home? Vani Viswanathan ponders, but has no answers!

My Home Lies Underwater

Pitambar Naik’s poem rues the debilitating effect that urbanization has had on the homes of millions of people.


Sunaina Jain’s poem captures a yearning for the lost ‘home’ and is filled with reminiscences of childhood memories spent in a countryside home. It is also an indictment of the spirit-crushing, maddening and monotonous city life.

The House that Breathes

Home is where the heart is. In this piece, Sanchita Dwivedi fast forwards her life by a few decades and imagines herself revisiting the familiar surroundings of her house, reliving the memories that once formed everyday life.

Yours Truly

The theme of pain, withdrawal, longing run amuck in this poem by Purabi. It brings along the memories of the people the poet has mingled with, the rain soaked Shillong, its hills and then leaving the land. The belief of returning to the land remains even if it means in the form of a carcass.

Vacating a Home

“I am not only leaving a house I have lived in for eleven years; I am also vacating a country I have been in for fifteen.” Parth Pandya writes on what it means to be relocating to India with his family after having lived in the U.S. for a decade and a half.

The Lost Home

A man returns home decades after he had left it to fulfill his own and his parents’ dream. But in the contest to “become someone”, much has been lost. Parminder Singh’s poem brings to the fore, the thoughts of the man who left behind his home to chase a dream.


Do you remember your first home? The place where you could do whatever you felt like. The place where life was a bliss. Leaving that place would have been so painful. Raghu Sarangarajan talks about a person leaving his first home.

Perumal Murugan’s ‘Pyre’ : Intense, Lyrical and Stirring

THE LOUNGE | TURN OF THE PAGE Anupama Krishnakumar reviews Perumal Murugan’s “Pyre”, translated from Tamil by Aniruddhan Vasudevan.

Journey Back Home

At a soldier’s home, his family waits longingly for his return. Rajlakshmi Pillai pens a poem that highlights the emotions of a soldier’s journey back home.

Den Sorte Skole’s Lektion III: A Musical Journey via the Art Of Sampling

THE LOUNGE | THE MUSIC CAFE’ LEKTION III is the 3rd album from the Copenhagen-based DJ collective DEN SORTE SKOLE. While it’s categorized in the mixtape/mash-up genre, one listen to it will reveal that it’s unlike any other mix tape you’ve heard before, says Dheeraj SP.