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Remembering Salt March

The march to Dandi led by Mahatma Gandhi to protest the British Salt Tax in 1930 remains a key event in India’s struggle for independence. Bakul Banerjee writes a poem on the historic Dandi March that was marked by non-violence.

Being Free

Freedom has never been about one thing. It's so many perceptions captured in a word. Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy's lens interprets Freedom in magnificently pictorial ways.

Breaking Rules

Why is it that sometimes that little chance at freedom is all you have, all you want at the time? Sudha Nair captures one such memory in the life of a young girl.

What it Means to be Free

What does it mean to be free? M.Mohankumar weaves a poem that presents his thoughts on true freedom.

The Asset Called Freedom

In today’s world, we need freedom more than ever before. And unfortunately, we are being robbed, in more ways than one, of what is perhaps mankind’s most prized asset. But there are means to claw your way back and claim your freedom. Anupama Krishnakumar shares her views.

True Freedom

Freedom is release from many strange and unwanted negative attitudes, actions and perceptions that prevent humanity from enjoying the true independence it is entitled to. Vinita Agrawal captures some of these in her thoughtful poem.


Akshay is distraught, bogged down by what’s happened at work. To add to his woes, his young son breaks a vase into pieces. Parth Pandya writes a story about a father and son that gently touches upon the theme, ‘Freedom’.

A Day in the Jungle

Many a time, a day at one’s workplace can be very similar to a day in the jungle. Debleena Roy writes an interesting poem. Read on.

War and Peace

A young woman new to working life finds herself looking at her boss with mixed feelings – she’s in awe of her, but also judgmental of her and feels belittled by her. How does she break free? Prashila Naik tells a story of growing up.

The Choice

When it comes to making choices, true freedom is about having the right to choose or not to choose. M. Mohankumar brings out this important truth subtly through his poem.


For Swati Sengupta, Freedom is a tree with outstretched branches, growing unrestrained. Her artwork depicts her interpretation.

Marital Jail

Two people find themselves trapped in the love they have for each other, unwilling to break free, but unable to handle the bind. Shravya Gunipudi tells their story.

Eyes, Ears, Tongues

If you thought freedom from gossip mongers was all about shutting oneself up from the world, think again. M. Mohankumar’s terse poem tells you why.

Of Untold Stories…

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE Neha Kirpal recounts conversations with a close friend during the tumultuous period of adolescence, and how suddenly, someday, they seem distant.
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