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Forbidden Happiness

A bratty kid, his tired and impatient mother, and a woman and her husband who have made an entreaty that isn’t keeping them happy. Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty writes a story that explores people, relationships and life.


Morning, is a tree that gets tangled in its own branches as the day goes on, says Vinita Agrawal. This poem tells you why.

Across the Space Apart

Bakul Banerjee writes about the growing space between two people in love. What happens to the feelings then? Her poem tells you more.

Colours of Southeast Asia

Madhan SK paints the wonderful colours of Southeast Asia through his lens. A feast for the eyes!

Across the Disputed Land

An attempt at making truce is met by hesitation and later, rejection. A poem on disputed land by M. Mohankumar.

Seeds of Suspicion

Sandra and Raju’s adventures in the mango orchard lead them to Ismail Bhai, who catches them red-handed with sackfuls of mangoes one day. But the three of them begin to share a very interesting relationship. Ram Govardhan writes a short story.

Flower Girl

f you are in Tamil Nadu, chances are that you will run into her quite often. She is the quintessential flower girl who fills her basket with the fragrant mallipoo (jasmine) or the colourful kanakambaram (firecracker flower) and is around in almost every street. Girija Murali brings the flower girl alive through her painting.

Weighty Adventures

Vani Viswanathan talks about her latest (mis?)adventure – the gym.

A Study in Platitudes

An unlikely family comes together to be part of a very likely activity of a particular kind of Indian immigrant family in the US. Parth Pandya brings their story to life.

A Cracked Masterpiece

From the time the earth came into being to now, life has transformed drastically. These aren’t days of peace and happiness, but they aren’t entirely lost either. Shravya Gunipudi writes a poem on the cracked masterpiece called life.

An Affair with a Study Tab...

Anupama Krishnakumar’s long-cherished dream of owning the perfect study table is now a reality. She can't stop raving about just how brilliant it is and how she is loving the experience. Read on.

Remembering Grandfather

Shreya Ramachandran fondly recalls memories with her grandfather and writes about things that made him special. This, she says, is a story that she has been longing to tell for a long time.

I won’t Compare your...

There are two reasons why someone’s face shouldn’t be compared to the moon. One before the volte-face and one after. M. Mohankumar’s poem tells you more.

Another Day

It’s yet another day in the life of a man and woman completely in love with each other – a day full of expectations and smiles. Beena Nair writes about love of a different kind in her story.

Understanding my Religion

THE LOUNGE | THE INNER JOURNEY What does Hinduism stand for, with its multitude of repressive practices and seemingly regressive ideas? What is the ‘Hindu’ way of life? Sushanta Sarma Barooah talks about an experience that gave him some answers.
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