Spark – October 2016 Issue

Unwind with our October 2016 issue that brings to you an assortment of poetry, stories, non-fiction and art on an exciting theme ‘Fun’! The contributions this time bring forth a whole variety of perspectives, pointing out how people perceive fun! We hope you enjoy the issue as much as we did putting it together.


“I will not tell you about the things that give me joy. Instead, I am going to tell you about the things that drive me up the wall; things that others think are fun but what I can’t fathom for the life of me,” writes Parth Pandya. Read on to know what his top picks are!

On the Way Back from School

Anupama Krishnakumar writes about the fun moments on her way back home with the kids after she has picked them up from school.

The Dream Catcher Woman

Vani Viswanathan writes about her vivid dreams and the hilarious details in them that she distinctly remembers. Her dreams give her much enjoyment – both through the dreaming process, and later, when she narrates it to others.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Suresh Subrahmanyan goes on a mining expedition and comes up with nuggets from his life experiences, which provided transient and lasting moments of intense joy and light- headedness.

Colours of Fun

There’s something beautiful about the sparkling eyes of a child that sees a bunch of balloons. For Soumita Saha balloons are synonymous with fun and she presents her take on the theme in her artwork done on handmade paper with wooden colour pencils.

One Morning Two Years Ago

Is something fun only when it belongs to that moment? Can one enjoy looking back over something and derive fun out of it? Shreya Ramachandran fondly remembers a meeting with her friend at a particularly interesting point of time in their lives.


Parminder Singh’s story tries to unveil the other side of the coin on one side of which ‘fun’ is inscribed.

That Splendid December

The word “fun” takes many people back to their childhood when everything, even falling on the cricket ground or skinning their knees, was fun and something new. Himangshu Dutta’s evokes childhood innocence when the world was a wonderful possibility waiting to happen.

Our New Housemaid

M.Mohankumar’s poem is about a housemaid who throws in a word or two in English in between conversations, sometimes to unfortunately comical results.

Fun in the Classroom

Fun as a concept of learning is slowly gaining popularity. And rightly so! Priya Gopal discusses at length about why classrooms need to become centres of fun for learning to become an enjoyable experience for school children.

A Night Of Surprises

Meenu decides to surprise her family by travelling home from her college on the eve of her 18th birthday without them knowing. The night, however, has more surprises in store for Meenu. Wasif Hameed tells the story.