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What We Remember

A husband and wife get talking about the day of their wedding that happened 40 years ago. As the conversation flows, there’s a lot that the reader gets to discover. Here’s a beautiful short story written by Ajay Patri.

Samskara Unwound

Based on the famous conversation between Nachiketa and the God of Death, Yama in the Katha Upanishad, Bakul Banerjee pens a poem that explores the possibility of going back through one’s life to negate bad deeds with good ones, instead of going through death’s door.

Weaving Stories with Conve...

For a writer of stories, conversations are brilliant fodder. While citing many stories that she wishes to write focusing on dialogue, Anupama Krishnakumar insists that conversations need not be always about words and between people. They could go beyond words and the usual subjects.

Conversation Inmates

In a delightful poem that celebrates conversations, Vinita Agrawal likens a conversation to origami, water, buckwheat and more.

In Which

One of the defining aspects of conversations is the mood. Anupama Krishnakumar writes two stories, one each for two of the most important of these moods - dark and light.

What were They Talking Abo...

M. Mohankumar’s poem is a poet’s musing on a conversation between two people that stops suddenly when they spot the poet at the doorway. Read on.

Losing Conversations

A lost phone makes Vani wonder about the conversations she's been missing out on.

Nothing Good Happens After...

A late night conversation, which starts off innocuously turns into something that can have major impact on the whole world. AM Aravind has a story.


How would evenings without conversations be like? Sandhya Ramachandran’s poem gives you the picture.

Silent Conversations

Sitting in the middle of a bustling restaurant, Divya Ananth absorbs the sights and sounds of the world around her. The restaurant is a hub of conversations of all sorts including a couple who converse in silence. She captures her fascination and thoughts about this dialogue in words.


In three byte-sized stories, Parth Pandya brings out the charm of well-crafted conversations. Read on.

The Teacher

Two men revisit their school days and dwell on a teacher who taught one of them a valuable lesson for life. The Teacher, a poem by M. Mohankumar is about that conversation.

Forever in an Hour

An impulsive 23-year-old has an hour to decide if the ‘good and stable’ man she’s having coffee with is good enough to get married to. Latha Vijaybaskar describes the dilemma.

In Search of the Warrior P...

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE In the final part of her series on travelling the route taken by the tribal chieftan-turned-devout poet Thirumagaiazhvar, Preeti Madhusudhan describes delightfully the last stop, the temple dedicated to the Azhvar at Tiruvali.
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