Spark – July 2016 Issue

Get set to go into the magical world of fiction with Spark’s July issue themed “Tell a Tale”! The issue has ten stories that will transport you to lives of people old, young, happy, confused, celebrated or rejected by the world around them.


Jan aspires to do something different in her life that would help her feel more human than she does now. Harnidh’s story is about Jan’s endeavours to achieve her motive.

Shreyas and the Tyre

A tyre becomes a barrier to Shreyas’s aspirations. How does the teenager surmount it? Parth’s story is sure to make you chuckle.

Coming Home

When Ami visits Madras after eight long months, her mother and sister have shifted from their old home to a new one. Shreya Ramachandran captures Ami’s longing for her old home and her feelings towards her new one. 


Anupama Krishnakumar’s story traces the course that the life of an actor takes.

Car-Free Day

Parminder’s story is a satirical take on the hullabaloo around Car-Free days in Indian cities. The events take place one morning when the protagonist chooses to give his share to this environment-friendly move; how hard can it be to go without the luxury of one’s four-wheeler beast for a single day?

Mothers at the Airport

Two mothers reflect on their hassles handling their kids at the airport. Story by Vani Viswanathan.

The Guide

“The guide” is a story of survival. It describes a scene in which a specialised search dog, trained to sniff out ammunitions and explosives, guides a patrol of soldiers through an infested area, to safety. Story by Amit Temurnikar.

Black Neem Leaves

Raman and Hari have nothing in common, and yet they find themselves together in an old age home, where small joys and large sorrows almost always come unannounced. A short story by Prashila Naik.

When We Don’t Belong!

A 33-year-old woman’s craving for passion and the tale of her affair with a younger man come alive in Poornima Laxmeshwar’s story.


Rishitha’s story is about a woman’s conflicting thoughts on her interactions with people, her dilemmas on her child’s upbringing, and her way of dealing with self-hatred and hope.