Spark – July 2015 Issue

Get set for a musical treat this July with Spark’s ‘Musical Musings’ issue! Sit back and relax to enjoy melody in the form of poetry, fiction, photography and non-fiction. We are also delighted to present a delectable interview with musician par excellence Sanjay Subrahmanyan, where the star dazzles us with his wit and knowledge. Read on for a musical extravaganza.

Hitting a High Note: An Interview with Sanjay Subrahmanyan

Catch Sanjay Subrahmanyan, one of the foremost Carnatic musicians of our time, in a crisp-as-Kalyani and deep-as-Bhairavi conversation with Bhargavi Chandrasekharan.

A Letter to a Carnatic Music Fanatic Friend

The title says it all! Hari Ravikumar writes a piece laced with humour and a fine dose of South Indian classical music.

Broken Beat

The charm of the crucial beat, the indispensable rhythm captured in a poem by Bakul Banerjee.

The Difficulty of Discovery

Vani laments the poor levels of discovering new music that’s been the state of affairs for the last few years.

A Musical Escape

It’s music that comes to the rescue of a person stranded in the middle of a thick traffic jam and bogged down by frustration. Parth Pandya captures the moments of musical escape in a poem.

Music to my Ears

Enthralled by South Indian classical music, M. Mohankumar shares the feelings that this music stirs within him, through a poem.

A River in E Major, A River in F# Minor

Rivers are pretty much like songs, carrying their own musical notes within. Goirick. B writes two poems fusing the theme of music into the journey of a river.

A Live Treat

Listening to music live on stage is an experience unlike no other for a fan. Madhan SK’s photos from various concerts capture some magical moments from live performances. 

Music for Company

An elderly gentleman feels alive when he listens to his late wife’s music recordings and reminisces about their past. Sudha Nair tells the story of how music fills the solitude in his life – no matter the distractions that life throws.

Rock Science

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE Preeti Madhusudhan is surprised to discover a prejudiced side to her when she sees The Rock talking “science”. Read this short but sweet slice of life as she comes to terms with this discovery. 

Violin Dreams

Almost every night, a woman dreams that she is playing the violin. A dream that haunts her and teases her. Anupama Krishnakumar tells the story of the woman’s journey with her violin.