Spark – December 2017 Issue

Dear Reader,

We are in the last month of 2017 and we couldn’t think of a more apt theme than “Flashback” to end this year! The December 2017 issue celebrates the past as our contributors grow nostalgic and share memories through fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We hope that this short and sweet issue will send you too on a trip down memory lane.

The Summer of 1977

Sudha, now 50 years old, reminisces about a summer vacation at her grandparents’ place in 1977, when her uncle entrusted her with an all-important job.

The Door I Never Saw Again

Megha Raina’s poem looks back at old doors of houses in Kashmir. It’s a peek into the thoughts that grip the minds of owners who had to leave their houses and homeland behind under unavoidable circumstances.

Agents of Nostalgia

Anupama Krishnakumar, as someone who tends to grow nostalgic often, shares the several agents that help her relive some memories, and wonders if it is ever possible to know the answers to all questions about one’s past.

Grandmother’s Photo

As we move on in life, we carry things from the past only to lose them at some point in time. M. Mohankumar’s poem is about the photograph of a grandmother and her memory itself.

Right From the Beginning

When do cracks form in relationships? Deepthi Krishnamurthy tells the story of a man recollecting everything right from the beginning: chocolate-coated wafers, a kiss on the highway, potbellies, a second car and melting cheese fondue.

Drawing Lines

Looking back into childhood need not always bring back good memories. While some of us remember ‘knots and crosses’, others remember the lines that have been crossed. A poem by Nida Sahar.

Appa at the Door

Remember those times during childhood when a gift would send you into a tizzy? Vani recounts what gifting was like, then and now.

A Whiff of Perfume

Parth Pandya embarks on a nostalgic trip thanks to a whiff of perfume, remembering the many summers he spent in Surat during his childhood. He captures the memories in this poem.