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A woman visits her ancestral village with her family after many years. Shobhana Kumar’s poem is a mix of memories, contemplations and the incidents that happen during the visit.


A man is on the brink of finishing one journey, and wonders about what the next one will be like. Ram Govardhan pens a story.


When hope meets illusion in a long and tiring journey, it is a harrowing experience. M. Mohankumar captures this in his poem.

Memoirs of Paris

Divya Ananth fondly remembers her first holiday in a foreign land, with an eight-month-old no less. Despite the baby’s innocent fuss and frequent reality checks, she did manage a dream vacation.

The Flight Of The Monarch ...

Parth Pandya draws upon the migration and the linear lifecycle of Monarch Butterflies and compares this to the human journey, which is never only about the future but is also a lot about the past.


A journalist sways during her journey from one point to another. Anupama Krishnakumar pens the story of the addict.


Wealth, and attitude – one gets to witness these in travellers at airports. Shobhana Kumar writes a poem that captures the mood and the chillness.

Tighter Breathing and Zero...

Words can carry you to realms where the imagery superimposes on the real, the ‘now’ on a different period in cosmic time. Saranyan’s visit to the Daulatabad Fort gives him one such experience.

Journey’s End

When a loved one departs all of a sudden, the reality is hard to come to terms with. M. Mohankumar writes a poem that describes the emotions surrounding a journey’s end.


A little boy, full of energy and jabbering away in a language she can’t follow, keeps the narrator glued to her seat on a bus journey. Prashila Naik tells us about the boy, the epitome of innocence, and what happens next.

My Sole-Mate

Divya Ananth pens a poetic tribute to a pair of footwear – a friend through myriad journeys.

In Search of the Warrior P...

In this multi-part series, Preeti Madhusudhan tells us of her journey following the trail of one of the most enigmatic Tamil poets, tribal king-turned-robber-turned-poet Thirumangai Alvar. Read on for her journey through Tamil Nadu’s rustic temples.
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