Spark – February 2016 Issue

February is here and it’s time for public proclamations of romance! Spark’s February issue themed ‘Matters of the Heart’ joins in the trend but you will see that our issue has quite a different take on romance and relationships! Our stories, poetry and non-fiction explore the funny, quirky, sad and difficult matters of the heart.

Moonlight Sonnet

There are no rules about love or lust and no paths that define what should happen or when should it happen. Nida writes a poem on an affair of the heart.

Been There, Done That

Misery loves company. When the misery is caused by a breakup, company is what you need. It can be food, alcohol or friends. Our chap here, finds unusual company. Raghu Sarangarajan tells you about the company and the story behind the shared misery.

A Lovers’ Discourse

A couple converse about the possibility of a life together. Nandagopal T pens a poem that showcases the dialogue between the two while leaving the future of their relationship open to interpretation.

Getting it Straight

A funny, tongue-in-cheek look at how reality is convoluted when a person has a crush or is falling in love. Written by Jayanth Samuel.

Life-size Raindrop

Seasons change, life changes. What of love? Does it change with time? Here is a poem exploring the beauty of falling in love. Bhargavi Chandrasekharan’s translation of Manushyaputhiran’s original (“Aaluyara Mazhaiththuli”) in Tamizh.

Data-driven Romance

A group of men in their 40s have a late-night WhatsApp discussion on romance, with comical results. Parth Pandya shows us the conversation!  

Always and Forever

Anand is tired. He has had to keep it together when he’d much rather not. At the end of a tiring day like this, what do most people do? They reach out to someone they love, seeking comfort. And so, Anand writes to his Vinodini. Saisudha tells us what he writes in his email.

In Thoughts

In a poem, Satyam Pati throws light on the yearnings of someone who has loved but could never confess.

Acts of Love

An apsara named Ananya wants to win the poet Kalidasa’s love. When her beauty fails to do the trick, she turns to the characters in his plays to capture his attention. Sharvani tells us what transpired between Ananya and Kalidasa.

Women in a Café

Vani Viswanathan eavesdrops on the conversation of six middle-aged women and imagines what the various facets of their married lives are like. But life, as it were, throws in a few surprises, and Vani finds her imagination challenged.

Day End

Shreya Ramachandran writes a poem on a couple whose relationship is slowly falling apart.