Spark – May 2015 Issue

Presenting to you the Spark May 2015 issue, “As you like it!” Read on for a smorgasbord of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and remotely enjoy the season of festivities in Kerala through splendid photography. We hope there’s something for you to enjoy Spark as you like it!

Festive Kerala

It is the season of festivals across the temple-towns of Kerala. Hari Krishnan’s photographs reflect the splendour of the festivities, the colours and rituals.

Dear Suzette

Vinita Agrawal writes a poem in memory of Suzette Jordon who was raped by 14 men in a moving car and fought bravely against her rapists in court, and succumbed to disease later.

Far from the Kidding Crowd

A young woman goes through a desolate phase at a kid’s birthday party. One little boy decides to turn things around for her, though. Vani Viswanathan tells the story.

Breakfast Stories with Uncle Fred

A photograph becomes the subject of a conversation between two men over breakfast. Anupama Krishnakumar writes a story of two people whose lives revolve intensely around art.

The Cherry Tree in the Backyard

M. Mohankumar writes a poem on the thoughts and emotions that a beautiful cherry tree in the backyard evokes.

The Indian Censor’s Verse

Free speech in India is increasingly becoming difficult, with so much discontent and oppression surrounding writers’ words and content on the media and the Internet. Harman Mavi expresses the Indian censor’s attitude in verse.

The Quest for Perfection

Lavanya Pathmanaban traces the journey of her love affair with coffee – from her kitchen, to Chennai’s cafés, all the way to Sydney! Read this hilarious account of a south Indian trying to deal with coffee in another part of the world.

A Parent’s Onus

Parenting is no easy task and at every stage of the child’s life, the job only gets harder, says Parth Pandya in his poem.

When Girl Meets Boy

Clumsy, confused Mira is pushed to meet a prospective groom. Sudha Nair tells a story about the setting they meet in and the mess thereafter.

No Man’s Land

Amitabh Vikram writes a poem on the people who live in the hills, forgotten most of the time, and remembered only during the time of elections.

What’s the Answer?

What’s the answer to man’s quest for meaning in this vast universe? What is the source of true happiness? Vishal Anand meditates on a very relevant topic and in the process, tries to seek answers.

Top Management Zombies

Corporate workspaces today are all about following rules, making things rather monotonous to the point of people feeling disillusioned about the whole process. Nandagopal T pens a poem on the lackluster lives of the zombies of the corporate world.


In a work of fiction set in London, Hari Ravikumar employs surrealism to tell the fascinating twists and turns that the life of Alan Jones takes over a period of seven years.

Thoughts on Re-reading Buddhadev Guha’s Rijuda

THE LOUNGE | TURN OF THE PAGE Shom Biswas recollects with fondness a doyen of Bengali children’s writing, Buddhadev Guha, and his captivating character, Rijuda.