A Conversation

by Parth Pandya

[box]Kunti is a woman who bore a big burden and also one who rewrote destiny. In this context, Parth Pandya raises an important question through a poem.[/box]


Awash in color,

The paintings stared back at her.

An atavistic past

Talking to an apprentice future.


“In that little basket,

Float away the sins of naiveté.

Kunti stands ashore,

Having exchanged

Guilt for a son”


The 21st century woman moves

From one canvas to another;

Her eyes registering

The journey of a mother

Through her many travails.


“Staring at the descending sun,

With a man full of hurt by her side,

Kunti stands ashore,

Having exchanged

Victory for a son”


The sisters speak across

Barriers of canvas and ages,

A wry smile voicing words that

Neither has to utter.


With destinies written and burdens borne,

With lives raised and lives razed,

By women with pain and empathy,

Why are the Gods

Of creation and destruction all men?

Pic: Sharanya –


Parth Pandya is a passionate Tendulkar fan, diligent minion of the ‘evil empire’, persistent writer at, self-confessed Hindi movie geek, avid quizzer, awesome husband (for lack of a humbler adjective) and a thrilled father of a precocious three-year-old boy. He grew up in Mumbai and spent the last eleven years really growing up in the U.S. and is always looking to brighten up his day through good coffee and great puns.

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