A Wedding Wish

by Bakul Banerjee

Bakul Banerjee’s poem is inspired by insightful marriage hymns from Samaveda written by ancient sages in India.

We are fragile, made of carbon–
molecules once made in the stars.
Let’s form bonds, like diamonds,
with others in this world of ours.

As said in the Vedas, may you be
steady in love like the North Star.
May you both move in synchrony
like the twin stars, Alcor and Mizar.

Let’s seek advice from the heavens.
The sun brings hope, the best by far.
If in doubt, let’s watch the night sky
and find answers from its wonder.

Pic Credit: Shelby Photographers

Award winning author and poet Bakul Banerjee published her second poetry collection, titled “Bathymetry: Poems” in April 2017. For the past twenty years, her poems, essays and stories appeared in several literary magazines and anthologies throughout U.S. and India. She performs Vedic sacraments and rituals. She received her Ph.D. degree in computational geophysics from The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, and worked as a scientist/engineer for U.S. Department of Energy for many years.
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