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Hi there,

Welcome to Spark –  the online literary magazine aimed at having a fun-filled exploration of the Word,World and Wisdom. Creativity is the foundation on which Spark is built. Through writings, photography, and art, the Spark team hopes to explore the 3 Ws and share the joys of its discovery with its wonderful readers.

The first issue of Spark appeared  in January 2010 and since then has been published on the fifth of every month.

Apart from writing, art and photography, Spark also features guest columns, and interviews with popular personalities, including established and upcoming authors, journalists, performing artistes, publishers and others.

Spark usually takes up a particular theme every month and explores it from as many perspectives as possible. All the same, we realise that we need a space for non-thematic discussion too every month. Consequently, we have launched a segment of Spark called ‘The Lounge’ which is your destination for discussion on books, music, movies, spirituality and experiences from day-to-day life. The Lounge is largely a non-fiction oriented section of Spark. Further, we believe that this space is a very powerful tool to reach out to readers. Hence, Spark also has a special section called the ‘Social Lens’ that aims to bring social development issues in India and change makers in the spotlight.

If you are passionate about writing, art or photography and  celebrate creativity, you will love Spark. We have been at this since 2010 driven purely by the passion to create and we love to welcome like-minded people into the Spark family.

Join us in our journey to question, explore and unravel the many facets of the word, world and wisdom.

Have a great time at Spark and look through our website to know more about us and our work.

-Anupama Krishnakumar/Vani Viswanathan





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