by Parminder Singh

Knocking at the doors of mind, reminiscences tease one about the promises and dreams that couldn’t be realised. This poem by Parminder Singh talks of celebrations of mutual failures in keeping a relationship intact through moments of adversity.

At the feet of these
rugged mountains,
the lake is still flooded
with swans and ducks
quacking, floating as if
they are to stay there
for eternity.

these clouds, that still
with the same zeal,
collect vapour,
and then with passion,
more intense than yesteryear,
empty their bellies,
quenching the thirst
of the parched earth?

when we held hands
and thought how
we shall witness
everything changing
around, our love
never receding?

With no hubbub
of any kind
except the clamour
of ‘do’ and ‘don’t’ inside,
here I celebrate
another year of failing,
a consequence of
our mutual frailties.
In these moments
of solitude, I sit to
decipher ifs and buts.
In some corner of the world,
I know, you must be
celebrating too.

Parminder Singh, an IT professional, is pursuing Ph.D. in English. He teaches English at Sri Guru Gobind Singh College, Chandigarh. He has been instrumental in setting up Panjab Digital Library, the biggest resource on the preservation of the heritage of Panjab. He also writes poetry and short fiction in English, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi. His poems are a regular feature on World Sikh News and have featured in international anthologies Harbinger Asylum (Transcendent Zero, Texas), Verbal Art (Author Press, Delhi) and Shout it Out (Lost Tower, London). He has been published in various magazines and journals. He has published a book Sikh Dharam, Punjabi translation of Dr Paramjit Sachdeva’s book Appreciating Sikhism.
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  1. You seem to have matured as pursuing PhD now. I wish you continue ascend in mind and life to become an excellent human to influence fellow humans to find the meaning of purposeful life. Waheguru Bless us all.

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