Anna & Betty

The story of a photograph, of two little friends. Anupama Krishnakumar captures the memories and thoughts that a chanced discovery of a picture can trigger, in a work of fiction.

Shed Your Skin

Vinay Sadashivam, a senior professional in an international organisation, has to confront an unpleasant situation with the HR manager in his office. How does the surly man respond? Tapan Mozumdar tells the story.

Spark – April 2017 Issue

With summer well underway across India, food might be the last thing you look forward to – or is it? Let our issue tickle your taste buds and leave you wanting for more. This issue of Spark delves deep into many aspects of food and cooking – look out for delightful tales, memories and emotions!

My Amma’s Rasam

Anupama Krishnakumar shares her love and excitement for her favourite comfort food, her mother’s rasam, in verse.

Culinary Temptations – in Words and Pictures

Kalpanaa Misra goes on a culinary journey through Instagram, novels and poetry, citing her favourites.


We are an aspiring nation, aiming to touch the sky, rejoicing in lavishness, yet, there’s another world amidst us that lives unceasingly in hunger…PItambar Naik writes a poem.

 “If Music be the Food of Love…”

Suresh Subrahmanyan pairs food with music and comes up with a pretty saucy and delicious repast!      

Rotis Served Hot

There’s something delightful about consuming rotis hot and as and when they are made. Bakul Banerjee’s poem gives a glimpse of the world of a mother, her children and the rotis she makes for them.

Anna’s Lunch

It seems strange that such diversity could exist in the same few square kilometres. Jessamine’s story is about the ignored origins of our food, food that we celebrate and use to venerate our cultural leanings. It walks down the paths of where our food comes from and more importantly, looks into the faces of those who make it possible for it to be eaten.

An Ode to the Gulab Jamun

Parth Pandya writes an ode to one of the most common yet most loved Indian sweets, his own favourite, the Gulab Jamun.

Spices, in the Right Measures

Vasco, the young seafarer from Lisboa, dreams of reaching Hindostan and forcing the mighty Arabas to share with the Portuguese the valuable spice route and its trades. The evening before he is set to sail to history, he requests his tutor and lover Lidia for a favour. Will Lidia oblige? Tapan tells the story. 

Samayal Kurippu

Radhika is the host on a cookery show, though that’s not where she wants to be. Vani’s story is about whether Radhika manages to break free.

Papaya Jam

Geeta receives a papaya as a gift and can’t bear to see it go to waste. She decides to make some jam even if it is the last thing she does. 

Spark – March 2017 Issue

As spring blooms, so does hope! This issue of Spark celebrates hope in its myriad forms and colours, with fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography. We hope you enjoy the issue as much as it inspired us!