Low Tide

A man is smitten by the charm that the beautiful sea exudes so much so that he proclaims that he wants to come back. But then, priorities change and the sea is left waiting. Ullas Marar pens a poem that captures the nature of this relationship and the despair of the sea.

A Broken Nail

Nandita and Ayushi are thick friends since childhood and nothing could ever come between them to disturb that bond. But do good things last forever? Gauri Trivedi’s short story reveals the answer.

Memories in March

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK A mother in denial, a ‘lover’ on an existential trial: Sanjoy Nag’s directorial debut discusses alternate sexuality in a way it isn’t usually discussed, says Yayaati Joshi in his monthly column, Film Freak.

One Morning in East Africa

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE What does it mean to be an Indian living in a foreign country which, over a period of time, has also become your homeland? Jayshree Misra Tripathi talks about a tale that is close to her heart – of moments of life in an alien land and the Indians she meets there.

Spark – December 2012 Issue

Dear Reader,
This month’s issue is a different approach to our monthly themes. We have gone ahead and interpreted a picture (the cover image) and come up with a series of fiction and poetry and a special feature on marathon runners for you this month. In addition, our non-fiction specialty segment The Lounge explores books, movies, spirituality and the slice of life sections. We hope you enjoy this short and sweet issue which also happens to be the last one of this year. This means that when we see you next month, we will have Spark’s third anniversary issue ready! And needless to say, we are super excited! We wish you a very happy new year and hope to entertain you even more through Spark in the coming year. Click here to access the December 2012 issue on the ereader, ISSUU.

Marathon Magic

It’s highly likely you have, in the recent past, come across a lone person on the road running, earphones on, pushing themselves forward with determination. Running is fast picking up in India, and many are signing up to run in various categories that are being held regularly across various Indian cities – and some venture abroad too. Many runners also choose to tie their runs to a cause they are passionate about. Vani Viswanathan gets talking to three such runners: Ram Viswanathan, founder-president of Chennai Runners, Ajay Gupta of Team Asha, and Jessu John, who, within seven months of starting to run long distance, is getting ready to run her first half marathon and raise funds for a charity through it. Spark is delighted to support them in their cause – please see the end of the article for the fundraising links of the three runners.

Butterfly Effect

A discussion at an interview Rajani conducts has her questioning her approach to life, which she passes on to her young son. A M Aravind pens a story which begins with the mother observing her son walk on someone’s footprints on the shore.

The House of Mirrors

A 29-year-old woman moves into a beautiful, breezy apartment, and finds that it has a strange relationship with mirrors. It’s all amusing until forces she can’t rationalise take over. Vani Viswanathan tells the story.

A Trip in Time

When Parth Pandya revisits the city of his childhood, Mumbai, he realizes as he steps into the footprints he made, things around have changed. And the thoughts come rushing and take shape in a poem.