Will the ‘Lotus-Giver’ Bloom Again?

It served eager students of the 5th and 6th centuries as the most advanced centre for learning of its time. But most importantly, it also served as the nurturing grounds for a rich culturally diverse population of students and scholars. It’s been a long time since then and Nalanda University is trying to shake off the centuries-worth of ashes and dust to reach out to humankind all over again. Dear readers, meet the spunky phoenix – Nalanda. Varsha Sreenivasan writes.

The Magic of Tanjore Temple

Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy captures the beauty of the Tanjore temple through a charcoal sketch.

Swaram, Nrityam Sangamam – Passionate Journeys

Subadhra turns to classical music to chase away the monotony that has gripped her life. In the process, she brings meaning to the lives of people close to her. Here’s a story by Anupama Krishnakumar that is sure to leave you savouring the musical ambience that it brings.

Knit India Through Literature

How many of us read literature in our Indian mother tongue, and how much of it is getting lost as we give way to English taking over our lives in more aspects than one? In conversation with popular Tamil author Sivasankari, Vani Viswanathan discusses these questions and also uncovers more on the author’s effort to bring attention to Indian literature, the Knit India through Literature project.

Feces, flatulence and fornication

S***, F***, A** H*** – when did humor become all about bodily functions? Yayaati Joshi writes an interesting piece about our changing perceptions on what is funny.

The Spirit of Indian Tradition

Nilesh J.Bhange captures the spirit of Indian traditions through his brilliant photographs.

Love in its Purest Form

Indian culture is all about giving ourselves away in love, feels Amrita Sarkar and that is the rendition she has brought out on digital screen. The style of painting has been inspired by the Madhubani/Mural style of Indian painting.

Contemplations of a Dancing Mind

In a fleeting moment, Radhika Prabhu realises that it’s not just dance that symbolises movement – in fact, movement is everywhere. The dancer pens a poetic and introspective piece.


Shreya Ramachandran discusses the tradition of arranged marriages in India through a story. Meet Anshika, a young and vibrant woman, who finds it very difficult to make up her mind about a prospective alliance found by her mother. And while Shreya takes us through her troubled mind, we also learn yet another truth – is love ever really lost in the fabric of dynamic relationships?

The ordinary extra-Indian

Jai Chabria meets an interesting man during a train journey. The conversation he has with him brings to light the man’s insight into various facets of the Indian culture. Meet the ordinary extra-Indian – as he wants to be referred to. Catch his breezy conversation with a fascinated Jai Chabria.

Telling Ravana’s Story

In an interview to Spark, Vijayendra Mohanty talks about Ravanayan and the experience of writing a comic series, including feedback and challenges. Interview by Anupama Krishnakumar.