Journeying to a Time Much Neglected

Reporters are not just a media phenomenon, mind you – the universe of Law has its own. Meet these thick and carefully bound volumes that preserve a vast sea of knowledge for lawyers. For Anuj Agarwal, browsing through these ‘Reporters’ is a journey back in time. Through the musty pages, he travels to times that are much neglected, looking into more than the just the Law – the people and their lives.

Revisiting Pygmalion

Bringing in the retro touch to the theme, ‘Time Machine,’ Yayaati Joshi takes us back in time, offering an interesting perspective on ‘Pygmalion’ – a movie adapted from George Bernard Shaw’s play.


They say things change with time. Somehow, this person’s distinguishing feature – his hairstyle hasn’t. A byte-sized story by Vani Viswanathan.

Action Replay

A question raised a year ago, finds its answer this time. Mother Nature and Her child coverse in an interesting poem written by Varsha Sreenivasan.

On the Wings of Time

It is a flight of fantasy inside a dream – Latha Sakhya’s response to the theme ‘Time Machine’ in poetry.

Reflecting into the Past

What have we left behind? Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy speaks through his photographs.

I Want to Fly on the Time Machine

Time Travel is quite fantasy like. Anupama Krishnakumar brings in her perspective to the theme through a story – of two people and their perception of human life.

The Raconteur

How does a journey that has Time for companionship feel like? Parth Pandya’s poem will tell you just that.

Andy Andrews’ ‘The Traveler’s Gift’

The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews is a book that unravels how man agonises over everything, looking for a solution outside him, when ironically the solution lies within. It’s a book that has to be read, stresses Priya Gopal.

Spark – November 2011 Issue

Hello, dear reader. As the winter chills settle in, Spark presents to you the November 2011 issue: ‘Exploring the Five Fs – Fashion, Food, Fiction, Friendship, Fun.’ The issue features a wonderful mix of non-fiction, poetry, photography, two guest columns and three very special interviews, featuring three people who are quietly stealing the show online in three different areas: food, fashion and fiction. We hope you enjoy the issue!

Bringing the Short Story On Line

Indira Chandrasekhar, editor of Out of Print, talks about writing fiction, the Indian fiction scene and finally, about running Out of Print itself. Anupama Krishnakumar listens in.