Caravan In the Desert

The painting “Caravan in the Desert” shows a man walking along with his caravan or so called trail of camels travelling far distances irrespective of the time. Night is when the flocks start their journey to avoid the parching sand dunes. Art by Sana Khan.

Legs Must Go On

We feature two works of art from Sana Khan’s series, “Legs Must Go On”. Medium : Oil on Canvas.


Girija Murali’s painting “Fabric” is based on the Mahabharata and has many layers to it.

Colours of Fun

There’s something beautiful about the sparkling eyes of a child that sees a bunch of balloons. For Soumita Saha balloons are synonymous with fun and she presents her take on the theme in her artwork done on handmade paper with wooden colour pencils.


Painting of a woman by Girija Murali featured on the cover of Spark’s 75th issue.


Girija Murali paints folded hands – a gesture that captures myriad emotions of the Indian spirit.

A Tribute to Dali

Vipin KC pays a tribute to painter genius Salvador Dali.

Beyond the Spotlight

There is something to every woman that is beyond what is stated and beyond the obvious. With all the spotlight that she has recently been attracting, there are depths to her that are yet to be unravelled, even to herself. While the world has been busy defining, and even glorifying, her role as a mother, sister, daughter and what-have-you, the woman has moved on from strength to strength, enriching old pastures and discovering new ones. She embarks on a new journey every once in while, unravelling little-known mysteries, her own self not the least.


This piece is a collaboration between poetry and art. The poem is from the perspective of a certain ‘She’ who is very desirable to the world, who is out there giving in to people and satisfying her own ‘desire’ to heal and transform people but she herself as the innate desire to find that one thing can be her ‘fix’.