A Shared Journey of Discovery and New Knowledge

Anu Kumar, Author, talks to Anupama Krishnakumar on what it means to be a children’s author, including what fascinates her about writing for children, what’s the sort of research that goes into her books, who her favourite children’s authors are and what’s her favourite from her own body of work. Plus there is a beautiful reading list that she recommends for children too.

“I am Poetry’s Victim! : Vinita Agrawal

In an interview to Spark, Vinita Agrawal, widely-published poet and author, shares her thoughts about her poetic journey, what poetry means to her and her debut anthology of poems ‘Words Not Spoken’. Her responses to Anupama Krishnakumar’s questions are as refreshing as her poetry. Read on!

Don’t Romanticise Writing : Meghna Pant

In an interview to Yayaati Joshi, Meghna Pant, bestselling author of ‘Happy Birthday!’ and ‘One & a Half Wife’, shares her thoughts on being a literary fiction writer, her writerly journey and fiction-writing trends in India.

“We Still Need Hard-nosed Journalism”

Dilip D’Souza, veteran journalist, discusses his switch from engineering to writing, and his views on writing about subjects as wide-ranging as mathematics to politics to travel to social issues. Yayaati Joshi asks the questions.

Fehmida Zakeer

Bhayānakam & Kāruṇyam | ‘Silent World’ is the story of a mother, whose world is, well, silent. In this silent world, vibrations set in, unleashing some kind of a horror. The story explores the rasa, Bhayānakam (Horror). ‘Crossings’ is a moving story of school children off for an excursion. It touches upon the rasa, Kāruṇyam (Tragedy).

Abha Iyengar

Adbhutam & Bībhatsam | Abha Iyengar’s ‘Blue Sky’ addresses the rasa Adbhutam (Wonder) and is a story of hope after misery. Her second story, ‘Inner Room,’ focuses on the rasa Bībhatsam (Disgust) and is set in a beauty parlour. Read on.

Anuradha Kumar

Sringāram | In a work of flash fiction, Anuradha Kumar gives the rasa Sringaram (Attractiveness) a different facet. ‘Her Beautiful Face’ is the story of a man, and a woman with a beautiful face.

Dipika Mukherjee

Vīram & Śāntam | Dipika’s first story ‘Honour’ reflects the rasa, Vīram (Courage). It examines the courage of a brother and a sister, a brother who follows the norms of his community and a sister who breaks such societal norms. In her second story, ‘Breath’, Dipika touches upon Śāntam (Peace). It’s a flash fiction on a little boy’s relationship with his grandfather.

Hema Raman

Raudram & Hāsyam | Hema’s story ‘Mala’s Marina’ is about a little girl who sells bajjis at the famed Marina Beach in Chennai, a little girl who is a witness to nature’s fury. This is a piece that has the rasa Raudram (Fury) as its theme. ‘Mismatched’ is based on the rasa that’s quite the opposite, namely, Hāsyam (Mirth). A girl brings her boyfriend home to a rather strict father. In the end, the father and daughter share a laugh. Find out just why.