Moles and Marriages

On a flight journey with her husband, a newly married Apu tries to make sense of her arranged marriage. Memories and voices take her on another journey. Deepthi tells Apu’s story.

A Silver of Sunshine

Moments heralding celebrations are many if we choose to acknowledge the grace that overwhelms us in life’s nail-biting moments. Kousalya tells the story of Anitha, who is reminiscing about the time when her son uttered a simple sentence, 60 hours after a gruelling brain tumour surgery.

Until the Next Year

Durga pujo, the biggest celebration for the Bengali people, brings with it a gift of hope, fills everyone’s hearts with it, and then even before one realises, gets over. One such Durga pujo is spent by a lost soul at the ancestral village home of a friend. Does he find hope and peace? Or is it all mere mythology? Sowmyadeep writes the story.

A Present For Rohit

The choice of a birthday gift presents an anxious challenge for a little girl and her mother. The grandmother, though, sees an opportunity in their predicament. Chandramohan Nair pens a tale of a birthday party with an unexpected outcome.

An Amavasya Night in Srikakulam

Chandramohan Nair narrates a tale of unusual happenings around new moon night in faraway Srikakulam.

Kamikaze over Coffee

After an evening of drinking with his friends at a pub in Bangalore’s Church Street, Anant receives a message on Tinder. How would this coffee date on a late Friday night turn out to be?


In this story by Anuradha, an army man reminisces about his experiences during a train journey, where he met a vibrant young mother who wove vivid patterns on clothes for a living. Dreamy by nature, but rooted to reality, the woman has left a lasting impression on him.

Running Red

Swapnil’s story is of an adventure that hinges on a chunni and its red colour. A village girl notices an impending train disaster and tries to stop it by using the chunni as a stop sign. Will she succeed?


Abhinav Kumar writes a humorous account of three friends in search of a rare Kashmiri delicacy in New Delhi, drawn from personal experience.

Umpires Beware, Automation is Here!

Suresh Subrahmanyan dusts off and presents an unpublished article he wrote 41 years ago in 1976, little realising the prescient and portentous implications this humorously imagined piece was to have on the world of cricket, a few decades later. Or to put it another way, instant replays and the third umpire were still a distant dream in the ‘70s.

The Merger

Not all relationships trace a linear path. Read this naughty short story by Parth Pandya that traces a merger of a different kind.