Nutty and Ranjini Carry On

Nutty and Ranjini come to terms with a complicated choice their father (and father-in-law) made towards the end of his life. Shreya tells the story.

Two Stories on Choice

Anupama Krishnakumar writes two flash fiction pieces on how small choices sometimes end up giving so much warmth and joy.

The First Choice

Two old friends are faced with intriguing choices as they renew their friendship after many years. A story by Chandramohan Nair.

A Safe Journey

Small memories. Small memories of small things… In a story that captures the journey of a grandmother and her granddaughter, Vidhya Kripashankar invites you to discover how it is often the smallest things that have the biggest impact.

A Lump In the Breast

Mohankumar’s story traces the emotional roller-coaster that a man puts himself through when he spots a small lump in his left breast.


Caught in a devious exchange between two political powers, a man finds himself uprooted from his homeland. Story by Malcolm Carvalho.

Arti and Her Wandering Soul

A woman finds herself waking up from sleep and watching her soul. Vani writes a flash fiction piece.

The Swirls

Gouri got married to a suitable boy. She got the education that every Telugu family dreams of for their child. Do the dances she would never break into still bother her? Tapan tells the story.

Moles and Marriages

On a flight journey with her husband, a newly married Apu tries to make sense of her arranged marriage. Memories and voices take her on another journey. Deepthi tells Apu’s story.

A Sliver of Sunshine

Moments heralding celebrations are many if we choose to acknowledge the grace that overwhelms us in life’s nail-biting moments. Kousalya tells the story of Anitha, who is reminiscing about the time when her son uttered a simple sentence, 60 hours after a gruelling brain tumour surgery.

Until the Next Year

Durga pujo, the biggest celebration for the Bengali people, brings with it a gift of hope, fills everyone’s hearts with it, and then even before one realises, gets over. One such Durga pujo is spent by a lost soul at the ancestral village home of a friend. Does he find hope and peace? Or is it all mere mythology? Sowmyadeep writes the story.