Dissenting with Hope

This is an unlikely story of motherhood, by Debleena. What happens when a mother doesn’t feel like one? Does motherhood bring further dissent into her life or a glimpse of hope?

A Different Shade

Working under the shadow of his illustrious family, an artist vacillates between hope and despair. Malcolm Carvalho tells the story.

The Hope Seekers and a Storyteller

Anupama Krishnakumar writes a piece of fiction that expresses her belief that stories are powerful sources of hope in today’s troubled world.


Amitabh Bachchan. Haji Ali. A perfume maker and his son. A talisman. They all come together in a story of hope, prayer and unexpected miracles, by Parth Pandya. Read on.

Despondent in Delhi

Hope could carry us forward with positive vibes, but that’s all it does – sometimes circumstances are beyond our control. The characters in Vani’s story deal with hopelessness in their own way.

Shedding Skins

Sajid and Kaveh give in to the guiles of the world but after all the vicissitudes, Ram Govardhan’s story explores whether true love prevails or not.

Good News

Two words don’t go down too well with Vibha. ‘Good news’. Parth Pandya’s story dwells on Vibha’s connection with these words, exploring romance from a couple’s point of view.

Connected by the Dots

A young engineer, Dipen, discovers his fears at the offer of unconditional love from Juniper, his college mate, during their trip to Shantiniketan. Tapan Mozumdar tells the story, set in 1988.

Final Rendezvous

An unexpected rendezvous provides Priyamvada an opportunity to find closure to a past relationship. Chaithali’s story has a funny twist to how Priyamvada achieved this.

The Car Keys

This story is about a girl who seeks freedom to live her life as she wishes. Her mother wants to enforce the traditional goalpost of marriage on Chungum unwilling to accept that there are other ways to fulfillment. Chungum is forced to break free.

Breaking Free

A Rockstar dies, except that he is not allowed to. Parth Pandya’s sci-fi story tackles life, death, rebirth and the challenges of encashing one’s karma and the Rockstar’s gambit to escape it all!

The Memory Junkie

Biju can’t make sense of his girlfriend’s obsession with collecting junk in the name of memories. What do they do when they move in together and he has to deal with all her stuff? Vani Viswanathan tells the story.