Spark – December 2011 Issue

This time we explore Time. We dream of what the past would have been, have a glimpse of the past that we have known. We dream up a future that we would love to live. Well, we also make flights of fantasy. We do all this through a selection of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography. This issue themed ‘Time Machine’ also features bestselling author, Ashwin Sanghi, as the Writer of the Month. Don’t miss the interview and the rest of the lovely stuff we have up for you this month at Spark! Click here to access the issue on the e-reader or to download it as a PDF.

Spark – November 2011 Issue

Hello, dear reader. As the winter chills settle in, Spark presents to you the November 2011 issue: ‘Exploring the Five Fs – Fashion, Food, Fiction, Friendship, Fun.’ The issue features a wonderful mix of non-fiction, poetry, photography, two guest columns and three very special interviews, featuring three people who are quietly stealing the show online in three different areas: food, fashion and fiction. We hope you enjoy the issue!

Spark – October 2011 Issue

Dear Reader, The culture of India no doubt is the nation’s pride in many ways. Spark’s October 2011 issue explores the Indian culture from various aspects—performing arts, architecture, archaeology, mythology, literature and traditions. Apart from our usual dose of fiction, non-fiction, art, photography and poetry, we are proud to feature some wonderful interviews and special columns this month. Click here to read the issue on our e-reader, ISSUU, or to download the issue as a PDF.

Spark – September 2011 Issue

Dear Reader,
When you think of money, so many dimensions come rushing to your mind, isn’t it? For some it’s a dire necessity, for others it spells luxury, some call it sheer trouble, others call it the ticket to happiness. That’s essentially what we aim to capture in this September 2011 issue of Spark themed, ‘All about Money!’ – the different perspectives. And no, we don’t just stop with money as it means to us from a philosophical and practical point of view. We have three special columns that explore money from a financial perspective too. Click here to read the September 2011 issue on our e-reader, ISSUU, or to download the issue as a PDF.

Spark – August 2011 Issue

Dear Reader, It is never easy to talk all about India in one issue. However, what we have done is to earnestly try to bring in as many perspectives as we can in the August 2011 edition of Spark themed, ‘India Decoded’. We have a wide variety of contributions this time too – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art and photography! And very interesting interviews with four bestselling Indian authors! The bonus this time is the smashing new PDF that we have designed for the issue. It’s a MUST see! Click here to read our issue on the e-reader, ISSUU or to download the PDF.

Spark – July 2011 Issue

Weddings, marriages: magic. This July, Spark pays tribute to some of the most beautiful moments in one’s life: those when two souls join together and reinforce their commitments for a journey for life. Step in to enjoy our July issue ‘Tying the knot: Weddings and Marriages’ through the incredible tales spun, poetry woven and art captured. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and comments on the issue either as comments on this website, or at Click here to view the July 2011 issue on the e-reader, ISSUU, or to download the issue as a PDF.

Spark – June 2011 Issue

What would life be without cinema? It really would have been so much less fun. And why not, when it does so many things? It makes you dream. It entertains you. It makes you laugh. It moves you to a tear or two. It awakens admiration in you. It makes you think deeply. It throws you back in time. It teaches you the nature of life. It lets you glimpse larger than life images. And in some way, it lets you forget your own self and makes you feel you are part of a larger, unified scheme, for a brief while. And that’s essentially what this issue seeks to explore. The different aspects of cinema and the sheer joy that films bring to our lives. Ladies and Gentlemen, we welcome you to revel in Movie Magic. Please click here to access the issue on our e-reader ISSUU or to download the PDF.

Spark – May 2011 Issue

Dear Reader, We are happy to present the May 2011 issue of Spark based on the theme, ‘My Place, My Soul’. Please click on this link to access the May 2011 issue on our e-reader, ISSUU or to download the issue as a PDF. We earnestly hope you will enjoy this edition. Do mail us your feedback at

Spark – April 2011 Issue

Presenting the April 2011 issue of Spark – ‘As you Like it’ – and as a small yet heartfelt gesture of our appreciation for the Indian cricket team that won the World Cup, we dedicate this issue to them! :). So, go ahead and catch all the action. Please click on this post to access links to read the issue on the e-reader, ISSUU, or to download the issue as a PDF.