Spark – December 2012 Issue

Dear Reader,
This month’s issue is a different approach to our monthly themes. We have gone ahead and interpreted a picture (the cover image) and come up with a series of fiction and poetry and a special feature on marathon runners for you this month. In addition, our non-fiction specialty segment The Lounge explores books, movies, spirituality and the slice of life sections. We hope you enjoy this short and sweet issue which also happens to be the last one of this year. This means that when we see you next month, we will have Spark’s third anniversary issue ready! And needless to say, we are super excited! We wish you a very happy new year and hope to entertain you even more through Spark in the coming year. Click here to access the December 2012 issue on the ereader, ISSUU.

Spark – November 2012 Issue

Dear Reader,

We have a very interesting theme that we have explored this month—’Life Online’. Life today is unimaginable without the internet and the way it has permeated our day-to-day life is something we would have never thought of even 15 to 20 years back. Yet, the internet is not without its disadvantages. Our team this time has attempted to analyse this very quality of the internet—of having two sides. We have fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography as well as two special features—one featuring three authors who began as bloggers a few years back and another featuring two people who have chosen internet as the medium to voice their ideas of activism. We do hope that you really enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Click here to read the issue on our e-reader, ISSUU.

Spark – October 2012 Issue

Dear Reader,
We are happy to present the October 2012 issue of Spark based on the theme, ‘Inspiration’. Inspiring thoughts have taken the form of short stories, poetry, non-fiction and photography in this edition. We also catch up with three bestselling authors who inspire not just through their words but also through their lives. Meet Preeti Shenoy, author of ‘34 Bubble Gums & Candies’, ‘Life is What you Make It’, & ‘Tea for Two & a Piece of Cake’, Swapan Seth, author of ’This is All I have to Say’ and Varun Agarwal, author of ‘How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-founded a Million Dollar Company’. We also feature an interview with Raksha Bharadia, co-author of the very inspiring and popular Indian Chicken Soup for the Soul series. All this plus your favourite non-fiction segment, The Lounge, lined up for you this month. Click here to access the issue on the e-reader, ISSUU.

Spark – September 2012 Issue

This month’s issue is truly a celebration of fiction and poetry. The theme we have explored this September is ’Navarasas’ or the nine human emotions and we are so excited to present an amazing variety of fiction and poetry, along with non-fiction and art that our team has come up with by interpreting each of the nine rasas. What we are doubly thrilled about is our special flash fiction feature wherein we have five wonderful, award-winning writers writing nine stories on each of the nine rasas. Click here to access the September 2012 issue on the e-reader, ISSUU.

Spark – August 2012 Issue

The theme we have chosen for the August 2012 issue is ‘India Decoded’. This is the third time we have picked the same theme for an August issue. Interestingly, in spite of repeating the theme a third time, we have a whole new set of perspectives to India presented through this month’s selection of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography and interviews. We hope you enjoy these as well as our lovely line-up of articles we have featured in ‘The Lounge’ this month. Click here to access the August 2012 issue on the e-reader, ISSUU.

Spark – July 2012 Issue

Dear Reader, It’s raining music in Spark this month. We have a lovely and interesting line-up of contributions from our team members for the July 2012 theme, ‘Musical Musings’. We have a very interesting interview and a special feature too! Click here to read the July 2012 issue on our e-reader, ISSUU. Coverpage photograph : Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy

Spark – June 2012 Issue

We have a lovely issue lined up for you this month. Are you ready to get drenched in our rain of words? Presenting the June 2012 issue themed, ‘Rains…’ that approaches the lovely topic through short stories, non-fiction, art and poetry. Our featured writers this month are Rumjhum Biswas and Sonnet Mondal, two widely published writers whose works have appeared in many literary journals across the world. For the first time in Spark, we feature works of fiction and poetry by featured writers. Then, there is some lovely stuff up in ‘The Lounge’ too. Also, this happens to be our 30th issue. A reason for us to smile. So, there you go! Click here to read the issue on our e-reader, ISSUU.

Spark – May 2012 Issue

Dear Reader,
We are happy to present the May 2012 issue of Spark themed, ‘Mélange’. True to the spirit of this theme, we have a variety of contributions this time touching upon different topics. We also have a special feature lined up for you. We speak to people who run some passionate initiatives that have a focus on regional culture.
Don’t miss our new section, ‘Social Lens’ – Spark’s conscious step to do its bit for social development. We have an interview with Padmini Swaminathan, noted feminist economist. And well, there’s ‘The Lounge’ too with some interesting selection of non-fiction—the perfect way to unwind. Click here to access the May 2012 issue on our e-reader, ISSUU, or to download it as a PDF.

Spark – April 2012 Issue

Dear Reader,
Get set to hit the road with Spark’s April 2012 issue—with some wonderful fiction, non-fiction, art, photography and poetry, as well as two interesting interviews and a guest column too. Click here to access the April edition on our e-reader, ISSUU, or to download the issue as a PDF.
And oh yes, we get started with ‘The Lounge’ segment of Spark this month.