Spark – December 2013 Issue

The year is drawing to a close and what better way to celebrate than getting nostalgic? Presenting, the December issue of Spark, themed ‘Flashback’. There’s heartwarming poetry and fiction that are sure to make you smile and even move you to a tear or two. There’s also our usual sprinkling of non-fiction and photography.

Spark – November 2013 Issue

Hope you enjoyed the festival season! How often did you use your mobile phone to call your dear ones, sending wishes across, clicking a picture and sharing it immediately – or filming fireworks on your phone? This month, we pay a tribute to ‘Going Mobile’. Contributions span a range of ways in which the mobile phone plays such a large presence in our lives. Look out for heartwarming fiction and quirky poetry besides our usual dose of non-fiction. We hope you enjoy this issue!

Spark – October 2013 Issue

Hi there! As the weather changes to give way to the chills, Spark is happy to give you some warmth with its October issue titled ‘Attachment.’ Read on for heartwarming fiction, interesting poetry and non-fiction accounts of what people could get attached to, all topped up with some beautiful photography. We’ve got our dose of non-thematic non-fiction on The Lounge too. We hope you enjoy this edition and as always, we look forward to hearing from you on what you thought about Spark this month.

Spark – September 2013 Issue

This is an issue that takes a break from our usual themes and goes totally freestyle! Catch our contributors present themes close to their hearts through fiction, non-fiction, photography and poetry. Don’t miss our special interview with author, Meghna Pant. The Lounge has a book review of Jeet Thayil’s Narcopolis and a discussion on an interesting Tamil Movie in the Storyboard section. We hope you enjoy this edition and as always, we look forward to hearing from you on what you thought about Spark this month. Do send us your comments to Click here to access the September 2013 issue on our e-reader, ISSUU.

Spark – August 2013 Issue

At Spark this month, we return to our favourite theme for August, ‘India Decoded’. Despite the fact that this is the fourth time we are featuring this theme, we have a new set of perspectives to showcase in the issue through a fine selection of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography. Additionally, we feature Dilip D’Souza, veteran journalist, as our Writer of the Month, through a special interview.

Spark – July 2013 Issue

At Spark this month, we decided to explore the human side of things—stir it up with people! Presenting to you, Spark’s July issue, themed ‘We, the People’! The issue is a mélange of interesting art, poetry, fiction and non-fiction and The Lounge segment chips in with something on spirituality and day-to-day life. We also have a lovely photo essay on the diversity in its peoples that India can proudly claim. We hope you enjoy this edition of Spark—we’ve been around for over three and a half years now, and we’re delighted that you’ve been a part of our wonderful journey. Click here to access the July 2013 issue on the ereader, ISSUU.

Spark – June 2013 Issue

Dear reader,

As the monsoon sets in across the country, we are happy to give you another chance to celebrate the end of the torturous summer – Spark’s June issue, themed ‘Facets of Nature’. We have a lovely collection of poems this time, drawing on many aspects of nature such as greenery (or the lack of it), the animal kingdom and weather of all kinds. These are well-supported with a medley of fiction and non-fiction as well as some digital art and photography. The Lounge fills in with the usual dose of non-fiction on movies and books. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed working on it!

Spark – May 2013 Issue

Hi there! Are you enjoying (?!) the full blast of the summer? A scorching sun making you wish you could stay away from the streets during the day? Well, Spark’s May issue is sure to give you a treat in terms of what the street means to our lives: ‘Life on the Street’ is what we have on offer for you this month. This issue is a fiction special with several stories on the ways of life on the street, but there are some beautiful poems, non-fiction, photography and art to savour too. We are especially proud to feature poetry by some widely-published writers. And of course, we have our usual fare from The Lounge. We hope you enjoy this issue!

Spark – April 2013 Issue | 40th Issue

As summer sets in with full force, we are delighted to bring you an issue that we are sure will make you salivate – presenting, Spark’s April issue ‘Celebrating Food’! We’re also excited because this is our 40th issue! Through a series of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art, we explore the various sides of food: cooking, fond memories and longing for certain kinds of food, and some thought-provoking incidents that surround the most vital component to a healthy life, food. Our special feature focuses on an interesting topic – food photography. We also have The Lounge which gives you the usual fare on music, books and spirituality. Click here to access the April 2013 issue on the e-reader, ISSUU.