A Kite Fight in Kathmandu

Chandramohan Nair writes about the excitement of learning to fly a kite and then moving on to his first kite fight in distant Kathmandu almost half a century ago.

Culinary Temptations – in Words and Pictures

Kalpanaa Misra goes on a culinary journey through Instagram, novels and poetry, citing her favourites.

 “If Music be the Food of Love…”

Suresh Subrahmanyan pairs food with music and comes up with a pretty saucy and delicious repast!      

Tomorrow is Another Day

Hope sustains all our endeavors however trivial or grave they may be, writes Sudha Ratnam. In its myriad manifestations, Hope keeps the stream of life ebullient.

Closet Heartthrobs

Sudha Ratnam shares her experience of growing up with films and what it was like to be among parents, aunts, uncles and cousins whose hearts melted over their favourite actors and actresses.

Romantic Ideas of Being an Aunt

There’s a certain romance to being an aunt to your sister’s children. Vani Viswanathan wonders if she can bring some practicality into this romance and pick a favourite. 

Sweet Detours

On a routine train journey past sugarcane fields, Jyothi Vinod takes a small detour to revisit happy times.


Suresh Subrahmanyan reflects on the joys, travails and commitment involved in bringing up a pet dog – a salutary lesson for children who pester their parents to bring home a cute little puppy.

I Can and I Must

From restarting her classical music learning to consciously working on loving herself, Anupama Krishnakumar shares what she believes is her doable five-point resolution-checklist for 2017.

Sadhana Cut

Prashila Naik chronicles her struggles and disappointments with her life… err, her hair.

Letting Go, for the Last Time

2016 was a defining year for Deepa, when the words “let go” acquired meaning like never before.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot……….?

Suresh Subrahmanyan raises an ironic toast to the pleasures of New Year’s Eve celebrations. And the perils.

Keep Calm and Do Not Let It Go

Letting it go is usually seen as leaving things that bothers one and moving on. But here is a different perspective by Jenani Parthasarathy who believes letting it go means quitting. She writes on why it is important to be persistent and not let go.

Messy Marriages in Mani Ratnam’s Movies

Tamil movie director Mani Ratnam is one of the few directors who dares to tread into the murky world of couple life and romance post marriage, says Vani Viswanathan, listing her favourite moments around marriage from his movies.


Antakshari has spiced up many a boring party or journey. Parth Pandya traces the influential role of the game in our lives in this piece that we’re sure will make you smile.

The Book was Much Better

When the world of cinema draws inspiration from famous books, do we lose something in translation? That is the question Suresh Subrahmanyan grapples with.