Agents of Nostalgia

Anupama Krishnakumar, as someone who tends to grow nostalgic often, shares the several agents that help her relive some memories, and wonders if it is ever possible to know the answers to all questions about one’s past.

Appa at the Door

Remember those times during childhood when a gift would send you into a tizzy? Vani recounts what gifting was like, then and now.

Ring Nebula and a Vedic Wedding

When Bakul’s daughter asked her to officiate her Vedic wedding ceremony, many choices came into picture. Bakul Banerjee writes about them.

The Agony of Choice

Suresh Subrahmanyan examines the dubious pleasures of surfing channels on the television, and opines that the multiplicity of choice in today’s home entertainment is more of a curate’s egg, only good in parts.

Mister Toad

All things great and small have a place in this world. A childhood story of arriving at this realization by Chandramohan Nair.

Colour, Colour What Colour Do You Choose?

Kousalya is 38 years old and showing visible signs of ageing. She shares the thoughts that pop up in her mind when she is asked why she is not doing anything about the abundant grey on her head.

The Birthday Party Juggernaut

Birthdays are no longer what they used to be. They are now big celebrations involving a whole lot of planning and coordinating, events that sometimes do seem obligatory. Parth Pandya shares his experience.

Embracing the New – Celebrating Poila Boisakh in Kolkata

Poila Baisakh is a celebration of great significance among the people of Bengal. ARTOHUS explores the historical and cultural backdrop to this festival and also recounts his experience of witnessing the first ever Mangal Shobhajatra organised in India on Poila Baisakh this year.

My Sartorial Journey

Chandramohan Nair takes a light-hearted look at his sartorial journey of sixty years and offers his mantra for navigating the world of fashion.