Purabi Bhattacharya picks three photographs that she has clicked and gives them a kaleidoscopic touch, resulting in some interesting abstract formations.

A Journey Into the Woodlands

The true pleasure of a journey lies in the beauty of the path and the satisfaction of destination lies in the stretch of the recollections. Comfort doesn’t lie in mock luxuries and money isn’t a measure of wealth. A grand voyage ends at the beginning for the earth is round, like life itself. A photo feature by Subhasish Satapathy.

The Many Avatars of Hope

Hope surrounds us in many avatars, says Harshal through his photographs.

Days in Delhi

Delhi has a startling variety in the people and moments it includes within its large folds. Varun Raj’s photographs capture some of these from several localities of Delhi.

Beyond the Ordinary

Hari’s photos from his travels in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana show the extraordinary courage, hope and determination of the local women as they go about their lives.

A Live Treat

Listening to music live on stage is an experience unlike no other for a fan. Madhan SK’s photos from various concerts capture some magical moments from live performances. 

Festive Kerala

It is the season of festivals across the temple-towns of Kerala. Hari Krishnan’s photographs reflect the splendour of the festivities, the colours and rituals.

Pristine Waters of the Americas

Prerna Goel’s photo feature is surely a feast for your eyes. She captures the exquisitely beautiful and pristine waters of the Americas and also shares the emotions that came to her mind when she looked at these water bodies.


Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy clicks vivid images of women in their various, natural moods.