The Door I Never Saw Again

Megha Raina’s poem looks back at old doors of houses in Kashmir. It’s a peek into the thoughts that grip the minds of owners who had to leave their houses and homeland behind under unavoidable circumstances.

Grandmother’s Photo

As we move on in life, we carry things from the past only to lose them at some point in time. M. Mohankumar’s poem is about the photograph of a grandmother and her memory itself.

Drawing Lines

Looking back into childhood need not always bring back good memories. While some of us remember ‘knots and crosses’, others remember the lines that have been crossed. A poem by Nida Sahar.

A Whiff of Perfume

Parth Pandya embarks on a nostalgic trip thanks to a whiff of perfume, remembering the many summers he spent in Surat during his childhood. He captures the memories in this poem.

The Four Sarees

Choosing can often brew up a storm inside one’s head as is the case with this woman when she has to pick one from four sarees. A poem by Anupama Krishnakumar.

They Call Out To Me

A young person is confronted with a pile of vessels they may have to clean, and rage builds up. What does the person choose to do? Vani writes free verse.


We are often bound to choices and options available to us on the basis of priorities at certain points in our lives. But what if the priorities change and scales weigh down our side a few years down the line? This poem by Parminder Singh ponders and seeks an answer.

The Mirage of Choice

Choice is confining. Dreaming is limitless. And yet we are bound to what we manage by the choices we make. Parth Pandya’s poem explores how choice can be a curse more often than we like.

Leh and Ladakh

Priya Anand writes about Leh and Ladakh following her visit to the region for a trek. Spellbound from the time she landed in Leh, Priya’s poem highlights the region’s stark beauty, its unique culture and the people who inhabit it and how all of these provide a one-of-a-kind experience that is cerebral, sensual and spiritual.