Silken Pilgrimages

This poem by Shreenidhi Rajagopalan is about silk, and the familiar images of the women in our lives it evokes. It talks about how we try to mould ourselves into those we grow up admiring, how we know we can’t and how we attempt to, anyway.

Patchwork Quilt Memories

Is the quilt woven from a lover’s memories enough to fill the void from her departure? Malcolm Carvalho writes a poem.

A Secret Affair

A man talks about his interesting relationship with a yellow shirt in this poem by Saikat Das.

The Lady in Black

Sunaina’s poem underscores the theme of betrayal and sexual violence through the imagery of black fabric. It plays upon the diverse connotations attached to the colour highlighting its sensuous appeal through black saree as well as its demonic intent.

On Learning to Write

Nilesh Mondal’s poem talks about a woman’s road to literacy, even though it comes late in her life. Her feelings about easing into this new role of a student are bittersweet to her though.

Two Poems

Stephen Philip Druce writes two poems, ‘The Gardener and the Rose’ and ‘Wedding Nausea” for this mixed bag issue. Read on.

When a Pen Goes Missing

Sourav Pattanayak writes a poem in memory of his favourite pen which has gone missing. By extension, the poem also remembers and addresses his favourite people in life.

The Meet

When an individual comes face to face with himself or herself, a very unusual rendering of one’s own self may happen…A poem by Saikat Das.

Summer Holidays in My Village

Each upbeat trace of Debasis Tripathy’s childhood is imprinted with memories of his village and the several summer vacations he has spent there with his grandparents. He attempts to relive some of them through this poem.

Parenting – Single

Parenting is a walk, two feet in rhythm. When one of them gets lost, half melodies struggle to make life’s music. Parag Mallik’s poem tells you more.

My Amma’s Rasam

Anupama Krishnakumar shares her love and excitement for her favourite comfort food, her mother’s rasam, in verse.


We are an aspiring nation, aiming to touch the sky, rejoicing in lavishness, yet, there’s another world amidst us that lives unceasingly in hunger…PItambar Naik writes a poem.

Rotis Served Hot

There’s something delightful about consuming rotis hot and as and when they are made. Bakul Banerjee’s poem gives a glimpse of the world of a mother, her children and the rotis she makes for them.

An Ode to the Gulab Jamun

Parth Pandya writes an ode to one of the most common yet most loved Indian sweets, his own favourite, the Gulab Jamun.