Vak Devi

Saikat Das’ poem describes all that happens around the goddess with the Veena during festival time.


Knocking at the doors of mind, reminiscences tease one about the promises and dreams that couldn’t be realised. This poem by Parminder Singh talks of celebrations of mutual failures in keeping a relationship intact through moments of adversity.

Suburban Reality

How exactly do nights at suburbs look and feel like? Parag Mallik’s poem shares some memories.

Midnight Stroll On Road Number 3

Midnight brings along reckonings that has a quality and dimension all its own. The silken threads of each hour bring forth a meditative like trance. Everything is silent – yet everything moves: the landscape, winds and restless cities. A poem by Sneha Subramanian Kanta.

The Sound of Wind In Trees At Night

In this poem, ARTOHUS explores the soundscape that wind creates on trees during night time.

It is Alright

Night is that which offers solace after a grinding day, highlights Parth Pandya, in this poem.

The Night

Saikat Das highlights a dilemma that is fundamental to human existence, in verse.

The Lost Game

The process of design and institutionalization of religions mar the subtle beauty that lies within. The dawn can only partially descend upon the followers due to their inability to curb the darkness. This poem by Parminder Singh tries to track the very essence of this thought.

Silken Pilgrimages

This poem by Shreenidhi Rajagopalan is about silk, and the familiar images of the women in our lives it evokes. It talks about how we try to mould ourselves into those we grow up admiring, how we know we can’t and how we attempt to, anyway.

Patchwork Quilt Memories

Is the quilt woven from a lover’s memories enough to fill the void from her departure? Malcolm Carvalho writes a poem.

A Secret Affair

A man talks about his interesting relationship with a yellow shirt in this poem by Saikat Das.