Charting Inspiring Routes to Betterment

Keerthi Kiran, Co-founder, Grassroutes, speaks to Vani Viswanathan about how Grassroutes began, how the journey has been and how the effort has evolved over the years, among other things. Catch the conversation here.

Knit India Through Literature

How many of us read literature in our Indian mother tongue, and how much of it is getting lost as we give way to English taking over our lives in more aspects than one? In conversation with popular Tamil author Sivasankari, Vani Viswanathan discusses these questions and also uncovers more on the author’s effort to bring attention to Indian literature, the Knit India through Literature project.

Aman Sethi’s ‘A Free Man’ – Book Review

‘A Free Man’ by Aman Sethi is narrated exceptionally well and combines good journalistic writing with a moving story of an unknown man and his life. That is its winning point, making it a worthy read, says Anupama Krishnakumar.

Fighting Educational Inequity

As an 18-year-old, Shaheen Mistri walked into a slum in Mumbai and began teaching. She then went on to set up Akanksha Foundation, an NGO that works primarily in the field of education. Today, she is the CEO of Teach For India, a nationwide movement that aims to end education inequity in India. In an interview to Spark, Shaheen Mistri talks about her personal journey with Akanksha and Teach For India, her views on the Indian education system and the relevance of social entrepreneurship in today’s world. Excerpts from her interview to Anupama Krishnakumar.

Bringing Human Rights Home

In an interview to Spark’s Vani Viswanathan, Mallika Dutt, CEO of Breakthrough, talks about her journey with Breakthrough and one of their most successful campaigns, the Bell Bajao campaign.

Giving Voice to Women

In 1984, Urvashi Butalia co-founded India’s first feminist publishing house, Kali for Women, and then went on to establish Zubaan Books in 2003. In an interview to Spark, she talks about her journey with Kali for Women, about Zubaan and about feminist literature and publishing in India. Anupama Krishnakumar listens in.

Discussing Issues Concerning Women

In her interview to Spark, popular blogger Indian Homemaker speaks on issues that she deals with on her blog, her views on feminism in India and the state of women in urban India today. Vani Viswanathan listens in.

Discovering the Past: an Interview with Dr. Michael Petraglia

In an interview to Spark, Dr. Michael Petraglia talks on what it means to be an archaeologist, his work in India and also shares his opinion about the archaeological and cultural heritage of India.

Walking the Talk, Saving the Earth

Where are we headed as a species inhabiting Planet Earth? It doesn’t take much time to realize that we are walking steadfast into ruin – our actions are having a debilitating effect on the environment, we all know it, but are we doing anything about it? Vani Viswanathan chats with Bhavani Prakash, environment activist and founder, Eco WALK the Talk, on whether there is any hope for our future on this planet – and maybe there is.