Noori: Energetic, Inspirational

THE LOUNGE | THE MUSIC CAFE Medha Reddy reviews five songs composed by Pakistani band Noori for season 9 of Coke Studio Pakistan. Noori’s highly energetic indie rock tracks have the ability to connect with their listeners on an emotional level, she says.

Den Sorte Skole’s Lektion III: A Musical Journey via the Art Of Sampling

THE LOUNGE | THE MUSIC CAFE’ LEKTION III is the 3rd album from the Copenhagen-based DJ collective DEN SORTE SKOLE. While it’s categorized in the mixtape/mash-up genre, one listen to it will reveal that it’s unlike any other mix tape you’ve heard before, says Dheeraj SP.

The Charm of the Radio

THE LOUNGE | THE MUSIC CAFE In a nostalgic piece, Anupama Krishnakumar reminisces about the role that the radio has played in her life.

The Twins That Battle Within Me

THE LOUNGE | MUSIC CAFÉ “Music and literature are like twins warring for attention in an artist’s mind,” says Jessu, as she traces a phase of the relationship that music and writing had with each other in her life.

Taking Music for a Walk

THE LOUNGE | THE MUSIC CAFE Jessu John likes to listen to Western (English) music and her tastes aren’t restricted to one particular genre. In her piece for The Music Café, she talks about different kinds of English music that have appealed to her over the years. Music is inextricably linked to Jessu’s life, particularly her writing, as she reveals in this piece.

Tuning In to Different Times

THE LOUNGE |THE MUSIC CAFÉ | Vani Viswanathan laments the music of today and wishes she could have been born to spend her teenage in the 70s, just so she could have lived through the best English music of all times.

Of Cassettes and Ilayaraja

THE LOUNGE|THE MUSIC CAFÉ |For Anupama Krishnakumar, cassettes always remind her of Ilayaraja, the extremely popular music composer from Tamilnadu. And the maestro’s music, even today, takes her down memory lane – back to the 80s and 90s. “Over the last few months, I have realised that Ilayaraja’s music has accompanied me like a quiet companion, as I was growing up,” she writes. Here’s a tribute from an ardent fan.

Music ‘Behind’ the Movies

Srikanth Suresh Kumar unravels the music behind movies, sharing his personal thoughts and some of his favourite tracks. For once, have music ringing in your ears with the help of words! Read on.

Jhootha Hi Sahi : A.R.Rahman

Listen to ‘Jhootha Hi Sahi’ and you wouldn’t be diasppointed, says Ramya Shankar. The music is youthful and vibrant, the lyrics an interesting experiment. Read on to find out how A.R.Rahman weaves magic yet again in this fun-filled album.