The Story of Our Lives

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD “This is not a story about Sachin. It is a story of our lives,” says Parth, of the movie “Sachin: A Billion Dreams.”

Witnessing ‘Court’

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD Soumyadeep Chatterjee writes about how Chaitanya Tamhane showed him that courtroom dramas usually occur without the element of drama, at least in this part of the world, through his Marathi film ‘Court’.

A Singular Loss

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD It’s the age of the multiplex when it comes to movie-watching in India today. The popular predecessors of the multiplex, the single screen theaters, are now on their way out. Parth Pandya rues the fast-approaching end of a memorable episode in the lives of movie-goers, and recalls some fond moments associated with single screens.

Shaping the Cinematic Lens of the Reader

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD In an interview to Yayaati Joshi, Baradwaj Rangan, National Award-winning film critic, talks about what runs in his mind as he watches a movie, what criteria he applies to assess a film’s merit, while also answering other questions about cinema and criticism in general.

Thoughts on Magalir Mattum

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD Vani Viswanathan discusses some thoughts on what she considers a fairly feminist movie, Magalir Mattum

Falling Down: The Character might be American, but the Frustration is Global

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK Falling Down is the tale of the unpredictable antics of a man with misplaced ideologies and a subtle commentary on the society’s descent into chaos, says Yayaati Joshi.

Twist in the Tale

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD After a rather lackluster phase that lasted nearly a decade from the late 90s, Malayalam cinema is now back with a bang, signaling the arrival of new generation cinema. Many interesting themes have been explored and urban Kerala is now a prominent feature in these movies. Annie Philip analyses interesting trends in Malayalam cinema and describes what it has to showcase today.

American Sequels Work, Ours Don’t!

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK The sequels of Die Hard, Rocky, Rambo, and other American movies work but ours don’t, opines Yayaati Joshi in his monthly column on movies, Film Freak.

Memories in March

THE LOUNGE | STORYBOARD | FILM FREAK A mother in denial, a ‘lover’ on an existential trial: Sanjoy Nag’s directorial debut discusses alternate sexuality in a way it isn’t usually discussed, says Yayaati Joshi in his monthly column, Film Freak.