by Malcolm Carvalho

A lover sees a bit of his love in everything in him, oblivious to the sights around. Malcolm Carvalho’s verse tells you more.

Somewhere between staying and leaving
you created a new fragrance.

A fragrance rich with your fingers, your lips,
and the ghost of you lying in my bed.

It has tangled itself with the hollow of my shoulder.
It lurks there like a chameleon in waiting.

Sometimes, this fragrance spreads itself like a smokescreen over my eyes,
erasing the sight of the temple I walk past,
and of the crowds that gather like beehives.

I nurture this fragrance.
For now, it is your clone.

While the earth rambles from solstice to equinox,
I hold on to your fragrance,
Like the evening yearns to hold a piece of the sun in its palm.

Day after day I peel strands of it,
so that it lasts for weeks.

And every shred I peel
I drop at the feet of the city,
so that when I have nothing left of this scent,
I could just walk through the lanes of the city
and feel your touch in the breeze.

Malcolm Carvalho writes poetry and fiction when he is not occupied with his daytime job of a software engineer. His poems have been featured in Reading Hour and Literary Yard. He has attended the Bangalore Writers Workshop, and is a regular at weekly poetry meetups at Lahe Lahe in Bengaluru.
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