Horn, OK, Please!

by Parth Pandya

[box]When you think of Indian roads, you think of traffic pouring in from all directions, plenty of honking and lot of smoke. Parth Pandya pens a poem.[/box]

Cars from the left
Cars from the right
Those in the middle
Steer with abject fright.

Honking in the front
Honking in the back
Sound moves in furious circles
The car freezes in its track.

White is the smoke
White is the sky
Mouths are covered in vain
Lungs are ready to die.

Buses with dusty tops
Buses a storey high
Inside, a million dreams
Float upward to the sky.

Folks on the road
Folks off the road
Alone among the crowd
Walking with head bowed.

Roads to the left
Roads to the right
People always at crossroads
With no end in sight.


Parth Pandya is a passionate Tendulkar fan, diligent minion of the ‘evil empire’, persistent writer at, self-confessed Hindi movie geek, avid quizzer, awesome husband (for lack of a humbler adjective) and a thrilled father of a precocious three-year-old boy. He grew up in Mumbai and spent the last eleven years really growing up in the U.S. and is always looking to brighten up his day through good coffee and great puns.

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  1. Just wonderful. This is “The Charge of the Light Brigade” meets Nursery Rhyme meets desi spice!

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