I Am Going Back

by Kavya Sharma

Kavya Sharma’s poem is about a woman wanting to go back to the moment she fell in love, and talks about her need to feel that affection again.

Dear you,
I am going back
to where it all began −
the crushing of autumn leaves
right under my heart
I am going back to the celebration
of falling in love
I am going back
to where you and I were
at arm’s length
I am going back to feelings
when the air around us
was warm and fuzzy
but spring never came in time
I am going back to
hand-written letters
on sweaty palms
I am going back to the
night that passed easy
I am, dear you –
going back to when
a smile or two slipped in disguise
I am going back to you and me
as strangers
I am going back to love
with or without you
I am going back

Kavya Sharma is 22 years old and is a published poet of the book called “The Carmine Memories: An Insane Woman’s Poetry” (Partridge India, 2015). She has been published in various online platforms including Thought Catalog, Terribly Tiny Tales, Youth Ki Awaaz, etc. Kavya has been successfully running a writing blog/Instagram handle/Facebook page called verseofsilence for over two years.
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