I’ll Marry My Mobile Phone!

by Pranusha Kulkarni

Youngsters today are highly addicted to their mobile phones – so much so that they have cocooned themselves into a virtual world. Cell phones have grown to be their extended selves. Pranusha Kulkarni’s poem is a parody on how addicted they have become to this millennial gadget.

Sitting in my home alone,
Friends ‘n family at the throw of a stone,
Lost in the oblivious zone,
Hey you, ‘m with my mobile phone!

Girl friend’s waitin’, guy friend’s textin’,
Doin’ my status updatin’, the music gets me roller skatin’!
Datin’, hatin’, baitin’, ‘n cheatin’,
I do it all, with a heart elatin’!

Hey you, ‘m nomophobic,
‘N I’ll make you claustrophobic!
You’re gonna be so agliophobic,
That it’s all gonna be phobophobic!

Don’t you dare touch my phone,
You’ll go home with broken bones,
Don’t you dare check my phone,
Hey you, I love my mobile phone!

I need no food, I need no water,

Just some money, and my life’s all honey,
A charger and a socket, ‘n all the world’s bygone,
Hey you, get off my way, I’ll marry my mobile phone!

Pranusha Kulkarni is a fifth year student at the Karnataka State Law University’s Law School in Hubli. She blogs at

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