Love in Degrees

by Revelle 

Revelle writes a poem on the attachment to love.

Hearts and damnation shout burdens and recipes
for disturbed vibrations disturb me.

I cling to the couches of solitude and brisk lunches churning the butter that relishes the sauce.
But there in my mired glib, I come to conclusions of worth – in the shallows of rigger and loss

Forgive me for running and cunning of deeds because shedding futility is as cumbersome as grief
and sometimes we people just take what we need

So when your heart shouts damnation so loud that you fall to your knees
remember my disturbed burdens in solitude begging for love in degrees.

Revelle is a writer, poet and music producer based in Los Angeles. He has several shows and musicals to his credit. His new book Tantric Tales of Mahamudra is due for release soon. He also has a poetry collection titled 365 Days of Poetry.

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  1. quite the conundrum, relishing our couch of solitude while wishing for love and wondering why it doesn’t appear and if it does..only so much please.
    i’m always curious what brings poems, any poem, to life? what trigger or moment or thought sparked the divine light and birthed the need to translate emotion to words? a question i’m exploring myself, so i’d be fascinated to hear this poems tale.

  2. There is always an enchanting truth to the words of this author and poet. The words flow and fall straight into the beating chambers of the heart always leaving me speechless as I ponder what has been expressed and feel the vibrations still echoing in my heart. Again the work has left me lacking better words and reflecting upon myself as I go about daily tasks. Thank you for sharing this work,

  3. Multimedia Poetry is a emerging art form that is being precipitated by the internet and publishers like Spark. Human hearts all over the world crave this art form because poetry is the suave or ointment for its wounds. Compassion is something ever poet wishes to invoke in their work, as it is that expression of love their words represent. Word, World, and Wisdom come together when our eyes and awareness meet the pages of a collective experience elevating ourselves and those around us in a true human understanding of love. I would like to thank Spark for including my work in their outstanding publication and urge others to leave comments here as well.


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