by Parth Pandya

[box]Navarasas | A haiku each for each of the nine emotions. Parth Pandya brings in a new dimension to our theme, ‘Navarasas’. Revel in Haiku magic.[/box]

Sringāram (Love, Attractiveness)
Hair strand tucked behind
A moon rises from darkness
The light glows hearts

Hāsyam (Laughter, Mirth)
Limbs flying high
Banana peel claims
Its shocked victim

Raudram (Fury)
A light. Then sounds.
Then the attack unfolds.
Rain unleashed

Kāruṇyam (Compassion, Tragedy)
The wait ends
The road is crossed
Hands help eyes

Bībhatsam (Disgust, Aversion)
Small hands beg
He raises the window.
“Driver, go fast”

Bhayānakam (Horror, Terror)
A scenic view
Perched on a mountain
His leg slips

Vīram (Heroism)
Curtain unfolds
An audience awaits
The boy smiles

Śāntam (peace, calm)
A tap drips
He listens keenly
The rest fades

Adbhutam (Wonder)
A blue globe
Lights the horizon
An Earth-rise

Parth Pandya is a passionate Tendulkar fan, diligent minion of the ‘evil empire’, persistent writer at, self-confessed Hindi movie geek, avid quizzer, awesome husband (for lack of a humbler adjective) and a thrilled father of two. He grew up in Mumbai and spent the last eleven years really growing up in the U.S. and is always looking to brighten up his day through good coffee and great puns. 

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