As a Flower Sighs

A flower stranded on the road, plucked away from its source… if the flower could speak, this is probably what it would have to say. Sridhar Thiagarajan pens the flower’s thoughts.

Thoughts, a Barrier

The ego that is absent in a new born, becomes immensely powerful as the child grows up, thanks to various knowledge-imparting initiatives. Consequently, the absolute reality or “Brahman” is not experienced but thought about, thereby becoming a concept, when it is actually the reality that needs to be experienced. Surprisingly, thoughts that drive the world about us or the “intellect” is the biggest barrier to understanding the absolute truth. Viswanathan Subramanian discusses thoughts in the second part of the series on self-knowledge.

A tribute to Romantic Movies

Who among us hasn’t been captivated by tales on silver screen? And more so, by romance that transports you to a different world altogether! Swetha Ramachandran pays a perfect tribute to movies in this genre – the ‘happily-ever-after’s and the ‘jilted-at-the-altar’s that many of us have fun watching!

Love and Literature

What’s literature without love? Ramya Sethuraman explores the various shades of romance in novels spanning decades. She also reviews three books whose romantic storylines have touched her heart!

Anamika to Anamika

In notes to her fourteen-year-old self, thirty-year-old Anamika writes about the various shades of love that she has witnessed and the little lessons of life that she has learnt through the sixteen years. Anupama Krishnakumar tells you the story.


When she, the river, meets him, the sea, love is born. For the spectator, the sight is poetry . Tarini Iyengar describes the beauty.


Amrita Sarkar has employed the dot or spray technique in this painting.

The Balancing Act

Photographs that tell you that you should strike the right balance in a fast-paced life.

Vembu’s Marathon Aspirations

Vembunathan, a middle-aged, Chennai-based Iyer is all set to prove himself. Laugh away as
Bharadwaj Subramanian unravels Vembu’s big aspirations!

Fretting over Fashion

Vani Viswanathan isn’t a fashion freak by any measure. So, here she is, well, fretting over fashion.But, hold on! There’s something she has learnt to appreciate too. Read on.