Spark – November 2017 Issue

Let us take you on a journey of fiction this month! Our ‘Fiction Fest’ issue packs in stories of many kinds that are sure to leave you entertained. Read on for stories that involve people of different ages, are set in different times, and invoke a variety of emotions. 

The Rice Price

Gayathri is busy preparing lunch for her family and even as she is doing that, her mind is preoccupied with an important task she hopes to accomplish that afternoon. Deepa Venkatraghvan’s story is set in the early years of independent India, and captures a day in the life of a housewife in Bombay.  

Monsieur le Professeur

A long-serving teacher of French finds his comfortable teaching routine suddenly disrupted and has to come up with an inspired solution to restore normalcy. A story by Chandramohan Nair.

Chronicles of Naraina Heights

Sudeep remembers Arundhati Suresh, his neighbour and smoking buddy, during his brief stay at a posh apartment complex in east Bangalore. Prateek tells the story.


Sunil’s story explores the relationship between a father and a son. The ageing old man had once predicted his own riches. The son, a non-believer, would go against his father’s predictions. All said and done, they both now live under the same roof, in a present that was never promised or predicted. Who’s to blame?


Anandhi loves her online shopping, but something stops her from enjoying her latest purchase – mostly guilt and her husband’s jibes. How does she resolve the situation? Vani tells the story.


Sourav’s story captures some moments in the life of a working woman when all her problems catch up with her at the same time.

Mr. and Mrs. Sridhar

Anand meets an old couple during an evening jog at a park and over time, a beautiful relationship blooms between them. Anupama Krishnakumar’s fictional piece is about these three people and the bond they share.

The Exile

A woman’s memory of a traumatic night leads her into an exile of insomnia and silence. Deepthi Krishnamurthy tells the story through poetry and prose.