The Queue

An urban, sophisticated TamBrahm meets a rustic Sardar truck driver in the queue for exchanging currency. What follows is an unspoken tale between the two. Story by Tapan.


Sandeep Verghese is waiting for his wife Ria to return home without knowing that a long night lies ahead of him. Rrashima Swaroop Verma pens a short story.


Prashant and Sanjeev are close friends through a significant period of their schooling years. But their paths diverge when they finish school. What does this mean for their friendship? Parth Pandya’s short story tells you more.

Spark – October 2017 Issue

Choices, choices, choices! All our lives, day in, day out, we live through by making choices. Choices that help us survive, give us happiness, move us ahead, spread love, and more. Choices that sometimes trouble us, boggle us. This issue of Spark is all about choices! You’ll be spoilt for choice with our variety of stories, poetry and non-fiction, all centred on choice.

Ring Nebula and a Vedic Wedding

When Bakul’s daughter asked her to officiate her Vedic wedding ceremony, many choices came into picture. Bakul Banerjee writes about them.

Nutty and Ranjini Carry On

Nutty and Ranjini come to terms with a complicated choice their father (and father-in-law) made towards the end of his life. Shreya tells the story.

The Four Sarees

Choosing can often brew up a storm inside one’s head as is the case with this woman when she has to pick one from four sarees. A poem by Anupama Krishnakumar.

The Agony of Choice

Suresh Subrahmanyan examines the dubious pleasures of surfing channels on the television, and opines that the multiplicity of choice in today’s home entertainment is more of a curate’s egg, only good in parts.

Two Stories on Choice

Anupama Krishnakumar writes two flash fiction pieces on how small choices sometimes end up giving so much warmth and joy.