The Mind Maze

Swati Sengupta captures the labyrinth that the human brain is.

No Country for “Real” Women

Shreya Ramachandran tells us what’s problematic about portraying all women in Hindi movies as “good” women: it is lazy, inauthentic storytelling.

A Promise to Watch

A husband watches on as his wife negotiates her way through a difficult life; does he feel remorse? Shruthi Saklecha tells us his thoughts.

A Chain of Miseries

There are as much miseries – vices and longings, as the number and variety of people in this world. Parth Pandya’s poem structured in the form of a chain of events involving different people, attempts to capture the dark side of human life.


THE LOUNGE | THE INNER JOURNEY Our true inner self gets buried deep within layers of external influences, and when we touch that core, we realise what a sublime experience it is to be in touch with that self. Rahul Seth pens a reflective piece.

Chilli Trails

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE Vani Viswanathan talks about the different chillies of her life.

Spark – June 2013 Print Issue

Buy the print version of the June 2013 issue themed ‘Facets of Nature’.

Spark – June 2013 Issue

Dear reader,

As the monsoon sets in across the country, we are happy to give you another chance to celebrate the end of the torturous summer – Spark’s June issue, themed ‘Facets of Nature’. We have a lovely collection of poems this time, drawing on many aspects of nature such as greenery (or the lack of it), the animal kingdom and weather of all kinds. These are well-supported with a medley of fiction and non-fiction as well as some digital art and photography. The Lounge fills in with the usual dose of non-fiction on movies and books. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed working on it!

Visiting the Elephants

Elephants are a delight to watch, more so when you visit them in a family outing. Bob Bradshaw’s poem portrays one such experience that’s filled with little yet interesting observations about a group of elephants.