The Colours of Fall

See the colours of Fall come alive with Vivekananth Gurumoorthy’s brilliant photographs. His pictures are a tribute to the May 2010 theme ‘Seasons’.


For Latha Prem Sakhya, her dreams are about elves or goblins. The sleeping mind is the stage for dreams, she says. Latha lends a poetic touch to the June 2010 theme, ‘Dreams Unlimited’.

The Written Word

The joy of experiencing the beauty of the well-written word is priceless. P.R.Viswanathan describes the experience poetically, most apt for a piece celebrating the July 2010 theme, ‘The Written Word’.

India through My Lens

India is the land of many things. Here’s a splendid photo essay by Jai Chabria, rightfully representing the August 2010 theme, ‘India Decoded’.

Role Reversal

Do you think teachers are always the ones who impart knowledge? If you do, think again. Priya Gopal feels that there’s a lot to learn from children too and these are lessons for life. In a tribute to the September 2010 issue themed ‘Learning and Life’s Lessons’, Priya lists 10 important lessons she has learnt from children including her own students.

Pork is Good

Pork – that’s the clue to the funny piece that you are going to read. Be sure to laugh a bit as Anuj Agarwal sets out to narrate some incidents from a travel experience. His piece reflects the essence of the October 2010 theme, ‘Fun’.


Five-year-old Tashu is a worried girl and there are enough reasons for her worry including her two slightly older cousins who are enjoying all the fun that comes from scaring her. Parvathi Jayamohan writes a story to celebrate the spirit of the November 2010 issue themed ‘A Tribute to Childhood’.

Memory Keepers

Even memories are a shadow of what they once were, says Swetha Ramachandran, as they try to cling on to inanimate things. Swetha Ramachandran pens a poem to represent the December 2010 theme, ‘The Past and the Future’.

When my Chai Spilled

Sandhya Ramachandran gives the perfect tribute to the first anniversary issue theme, ‘Celebrating Creativity and Creation.’ See creativity oozing out of sketches that Sandhya pencils around spilt chai.

The Illusion

Vishruthi is waiting for someone as the waves go about their business in the busy city of Mumbai. Who is she waiting for and what’s the meeting going to be all about? Parth Pandya writes a story to convey the essence of the February 2011 theme, ‘Exploring Relationships’.

My Dress My Bane

The way a woman is dressed almost decides her personality and fate. A woman’s dressing sense is seen as the reason for sparking sexual harassment from eve teasing to rape. Why does it have to be so? Meera Sundararajan explores this serious issue from different perspectives. Her write-up is in line with the March 2011 theme, ‘A Tribute to Womanhood’.

From Right Above!

Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy decided to give us some lovely portraits in response to our theme suggestion—’As You Like It’. So here he is, making a tribute to the April 2011 issue.