Parenting – Single

by Parag Mallik

Parenting is a walk, two feet in rhythm. When one of them gets lost, half melodies struggle to make life’s music. Parag Mallik’s poem tells you more.

She will envelope her palms, dense 
prayers trapped within, before her 
divine imagery of God, begging to 
fill the cups built of her fingers with 
time up to the brim so she can serve 
her little home and her labour from 9 
to 5, toiling to read through the pages 
of his untidy cursive and yet have 
solitary air to breathe.

She folds the fabric of her dress into 
deep creases and grooves, begging 
for vivacity – enough to bring home 
the few notes that fly away into her 
bills and to the stores, fetching 
muffins of joy, he desires, and to 
segment her thoughts into little chunks 
of comfort for her tiny tot.

She bows really low, curving the back 
of her neck, begging for a few drops 
of faith that may fuel her single arms 
to wipe away all the tears, to embrace 
her little universe in a loving hug, and 
to knit promises she can wrap around 
her home because even when alone, 
doubled is
her joy, 
her faith, 
her love.

Parag Mallik is a student pursuing a career in Medicine. He resides in a multi-cultural environment and transitions between English and Hindi frequently. He enjoys writing and maintaining his blog ( where he splashes his abstract imagination and hopeful thoughts on contemporary issues in the form of poetry. He has been previously published in Cecile writer’s mag and Cafe Dissesnus mag as well. He is currently battling Lymphatic cancer and holds a strong opinion against violence in any frame. He also has a knack for music, books and comedy.
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