Summer Holidays in My Village

by Debasis Tripathy

Each upbeat trace of Debasis Tripathy’s childhood is imprinted with memories of his village and the several summer vacations he has spent there with his grandparents. He attempts to relive some of them through this poem.

A strong urge to relive
the long-ago, when we used to visit
our ancestral village, next to the river.
Those days, the long summer afternoons.

When we lay together in the shade of the tree,
On the brown, dirty, earthy grass,
And waited for the mangoes to fall,
Only to throw the sour ones into the pond.

When the black cocky Koel called out
And we mocked back and then sang together,

And followed, till end of day and again,
The Golden Oriole that flew by on the wobbling wind.

Is that Time changing by,
Or is it, you and I?

A little unlikely for his profession of an IT Consultant, Debasis Tripathy is passionate about words, rhythm and rhyming. He started writing seriously a little late but since then within a short span, he already has had his poetry and fiction featured with journals like ‘Muse India’, eFiction India’, ‘Indian Ruminations’, ‘Different Truths’ and ‘Indian Review’.
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  1. Beautifully composed to recall those days. Though the nature continues to repeat everything every season, we failed to observe it. Observation remains in Facebook, WhatsApp,YouTube; no time for Self, but lot of time for Selfies. May this type of poems motivate our children from tablet world to village once in a year at least!

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