Love Blossoms

What happens when love blossoms between a man and a woman? Amrita Sarkar interprets the theme ‘Romance’ through a painting.

Terror Incarnate

Amrita Sarkar expresses her anguish over crimes committed against women in a painting.

Persephone’s Melody

Amrita Sarkar paints the Greek goddess Persephone rousing nature with her magical bird flute.

Rain Outside the Window

What’s more soothing than sitting with a hot cup of chai, by the window, when it rains? Amrita Sarkar shares a sketch.

The Night before Christmas

And what happens the night before X’mas? A melange of toys wait to meet their new owner. Amrita Sarkar captures this through a colourful, grungy looking poster like painting.


Amrita Sarkar captures through her art the journey of a rider, the journey that ends only when one reaches the horizon where the eternal cycle of life and death comes to a halt.

Dear Diary…

‘Dear Diary’, is an account of a girl who sees three different women during a day of her journey and writes and illustrates about them. Amrita Sarkar’s art work is based on the patachitra tribal style of paintings.


Gear up for a colourful fashion parade. Amrita Sarkar splashes sparkling and vibrant colours across your screen to celebrate the Fashion aspect of our November 2011 theme, ‘Exploring the Five Fs—Food, Fashion, Fiction, Friendship and Fun’.

Love in its Purest Form

Indian culture is all about giving ourselves away in love, feels Amrita Sarkar and that is the rendition she has brought out on digital screen. The style of painting has been inspired by the Madhubani/Mural style of Indian painting.