Agents of Nostalgia

Anupama Krishnakumar, as someone who tends to grow nostalgic often, shares the several agents that help her relive some memories, and wonders if it is ever possible to know the answers to all questions about one’s past.

Mr. and Mrs. Sridhar

Anand meets an old couple during an evening jog at a park and over time, a beautiful relationship blooms between them. Anupama Krishnakumar’s fictional piece is about these three people and the bond they share.

The Four Sarees

Choosing can often brew up a storm inside one’s head as is the case with this woman when she has to pick one from four sarees. A poem by Anupama Krishnakumar.

Two Stories on Choice

Anupama Krishnakumar writes two flash fiction pieces on how small choices sometimes end up giving so much warmth and joy.

The Changing Face of My Wardrobe

From frocks stitched by her mother to owning beautiful Chettinad Cotton sarees, Anupama Krishnakumar traces the journey of her tryst with fabric and that of her ever-growing wardrobe.

Anna & Betty

The story of a photograph, of two little friends. Anupama Krishnakumar captures the memories and thoughts that a chanced discovery of a picture can trigger, in a work of fiction.

My Amma’s Rasam

Anupama Krishnakumar shares her love and excitement for her favourite comfort food, her mother’s rasam, in verse.

The Hope Seekers and a Storyteller

Anupama Krishnakumar writes a piece of fiction that expresses her belief that stories are powerful sources of hope in today’s troubled world.

You, Me, Love and Questions

Could there be questions on love? Well, why not? Anupama Krishnakumar’s piece captures some.