Joys of the Road

It’s the joys of hitting the road and the nuances of the street we capture in our featured interviews and column this month. We speak to Rocky Singh & Mayur Sharma, popular anchors of the food and travel show, ‘Highway On My Plate’ (HOMP) and authors of the book based on this show. They are our Voices of the Month. We also feature an interview with Writer of the Month, Rishad Saam Mehta, Author of ‘Hot Tea Across India’. Plus, a guest column by Kiran Keswani, Bangalore-based architect. Don’t miss the fun! Catch all these features here.

It’s the People Who Make the Memories Special!

In an interview to Spark, popular anchors, Rocky and Mayur, respond to Anupama Krishnakumar’s questions on their show ‘Highway On My Plate’ (HOMP), the book, food, their experiences on the road and dream trips. Don’t miss this interview!

Road Trips in India are Never Standard!

Drives on roads to beautiful destinations and amazing cups of chai: Anupama Krishnakumar talks to Rishad Saam Mehta, author of ‘Hot Tea across India,’ a compilation of road trips he has made over the years, published by Tranquebar in 2011.

In the Middle of the Road

Streets in India bustle with life and are full of rich experiences. In a guest column for Spark, Kiran Keswani offers a glimpse of life on the streets as she has seen it, gently touching upon the diverse interesting aspects, particularly the myriad paan shops. Text and photographs by Kiran Keswani.

No Seat for “Young” Man

A man experiences a strange hollow within him and once he figures out what bothers him, he tries to beat the emptiness by taking a bus ride on a familiar route. What happens next? Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty’s work of fiction will give you the answers. Read on.

The Many Moods of the Road

Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy uses his lens to capture the many moods of the roads he’s travelled on.

Horn, OK, Please!

When you think of Indian roads, you think of traffic pouring in from all directions, plenty of honking and lot of smoke. Parth Pandya pens a poem.

The Road

Have you thought about how many different interpretations there could be to the word, ‘Road’? Ram V gives you one perspective—a rather spiritual one, in his work of non-fiction. The road is so many things. It is life, time, destiny but it is also simple; a path to be walked on, he says. Read on.

One Road to Freedom

‘One Road to Freedom’ traces the feelings of a woman who wants to break free from the world as well as her own mind that hold her back from achieving her dreams and being her own self. Jessu Goodfellow writes a poem, interpreting the theme, ‘On the Road’, in her own way.