Rotis Served Hot

There’s something delightful about consuming rotis hot and as and when they are made. Bakul Banerjee’s poem gives a glimpse of the world of a mother, her children and the rotis she makes for them.

Anatomy of a Meditation

For the past three years, Bakul Banerjee had the privilege of performing Hindu pujas in one of the temples in Chicago, becoming an official woman priest in the US. The deafening noise created by the large number of devotees when worshipping Goddess Durga was a challenge. In this poem, she attempts to articulate her experience with letting go of distractions.

The Cloud Messenger

Bakul Banerjee’s poem is inspired by the renowned Sanskrit poet Kalidasa’s “Meghadutam”. “Meghadutam” or the Cloud Messenger is one of his short works which describes the story of a Yaksha, a heavenly creature, trying to send a message to his faraway beloved using a cloud as the messenger.

Family Maxims

Bakul Banerjee presents the evolving drama that went on in a home in a prose poem.

One Woman’s Earthly Meditation

Get a glimpse of a woman researching in a highly-specialised domain and the space around her. Bakul Banerjee writes a poem on a woman scientist researching theories of plate tectonics.

A Castle for an Ancient Settler

Early settlers in Iceland, particularly those who survived the extreme environment are fine examples of indomitable human spirit. Inspired by the basalt columns and caves created by major seismic upheavals in Iceland, Bakul Banerjee writes a poem.

Reading Jibanananda in Snow Storms

Bakul Banerjee explores some of the dreamy imageries of Bengali poet, Jibanananda Das, in a poem.

Broken Beat

The charm of the crucial beat, the indispensable rhythm captured in a poem by Bakul Banerjee.

The Travel Vest

What if you could trap sixteen of your affections in a travel vest? Bakul Banerjee pens a poem that showcases an interesting perspective of romance.

The Plimsoll Line

The captain of a ship shares the different kinds of load that his ship carries and how the Plimsoll Line is the magic code that he has to follow. Bakul Banerjee writes a poem on the all important line under the theme ‘Science’.

Across the Space Apart

Bakul Banerjee writes about the growing space between two people in love. What happens to the feelings then? Her poem tells you more.