Spark – February 2014 Issue – Our 50th!

We feel extremely proud, thrilled and over the moon as we present to you, the February 2014 issue of Spark—this is our 50th monthly issue and it feels unbelievable! Yes, what a phenomenal journey it has been to get to this magical number! The February issue is a tribute to the most important emotion known to mankind—love. We have a brilliant line up of fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art, plus an interview for you to read and relish and ponder.

A February Morning Surprise

A husband decides to write a love letter to surprise his wife one morning. What happens next? Parth Pandya pens a little expression of romance from two distinct people in a relationship.


Vinita’s poem captures the lament of a heart that has been restrained by worldly constraints to realise love in its truest form.

“I am Poetry’s Victim! : Vinita Agrawal

In an interview to Spark, Vinita Agrawal, widely-published poet and author, shares her thoughts about her poetic journey, what poetry means to her and her debut anthology of poems ‘Words Not Spoken’. Her responses to Anupama Krishnakumar’s questions are as refreshing as her poetry. Read on!


Arindam Banerjee’s poem revolves around the abnormal psychology of a lover. The convoluted state of his mind along with the entry of surreal elements presents a different picture of love.


‘Liplock’ is a hand drawn sketch with digital tweaks. It was conceived with Adam and Eve and the first act of love in mind. The art work is on the coverpage of the 50th issue of Spark.

My Blue Saree

Affection and admiration need not be always directed towards a person. An inanimate object can be a reason for romance too. Anshu Arora’s story reveals the fondness of a woman for a particular blue saree.

In My Reverie

What’s romance without the flame of passion? Runes’ poem portrays this passion beautifully.

Those Few Stories

Stories are written to celebrate some romance, while some fade away with the people. Vani Viswanathan pens some free verse to talk about some such tales.