Celebrating Creativity and Creation

On this memorable occasion of our first anniversary, we are proud to present to you four creative visionaries – people who have, just like us, embarked on a journey to use their creative passion and their resultant ventures to bring joys to the lives of others and, in the process, have sought to derive the blissful pleasure that creativity and creation can bring to one’s own self. They are our celebrities of the month.

A Spark-ling Journey

Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty shares his experiences with Spark over the last one year. He dedicates this piece to the Spark editorial team. Read on.

Exploring Creativity – in a Different Light

Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy explores creativity in a different light.

The Nature and Nurture of Creativity

Finding your Element changes everything. Sundar Balasubramanian on the nature of creativity.

The Joy of Creation

What exactly does creativity mean in our lives? Is it something that is restricted only to the arts? P.R.Viswanathan shares some interesting thoughts on creativity and the joy of creation.

Exploring Creation – Architecture

Maheswaran explores creation through architecture. Check out the photographs.

On Humour and Inspiration: An Interview with The Cowgirl

A few bloggers are quietly taking the internet by storm – and they are doing it anonymously. The first in a series of interviews with anon bloggers, Vani Viswanathan introduces The Cowgirl.

Art at its Wacky Best

Sandhya approaches the idea of creativity in a different way! Check out her sketches!

Mastering Wealth Creation

When we talk of creation, can you imagine something as money in the picture? Well we could and we call it wealth creation. Have you ever thought of making investments as an act of creation? Here is an interesting take on the art and science of wealth creation. Deepa Venkatraghvan will tell you more.

Entertainment, Enlightenment

All the world’s a stage, said Shakespeare! How true that is! It’s just that we are so caught up in our fast-paced lives, that we hardly realize the simple truth behind that profound line! Quite ironically, it’s these guys on stage, the theatre folks, who more often than not, remind us of our absurdities and foibles, making us laugh at our own gaps and sometimes tell us what we could have been. Entertainment, Enlightenment and much more.

Food Delight

Bhojan! The name itself is so inviting. When I close my eyes and think of it, all I can imagine is a sumptuous meal, very Indian and tastefully and cleanly prepared! And if you are an Indian living in the U.S., close your eyes and think of this name, doesn’t it sound all the more mouth-watering?

For the Woman by a Woman

If you thought creativity was all about music, dance, writing, theatre and painting, then think again! Here’s a woman who has gone an extra mile to pursue her passion for designing jewelry.

Agam – Musically Yours..

Music. How often we run to it like a child does to his mother! For many of us, music fills the creepy void that sometimes gobbles up our insides. And to be able to create that music, which more often than not, remains a soothing balm, is indeed a God-sent gift. Agam is one effort in this direction.

My window to the world…

Swetha Ramachandran pens a poem on memories and the emotions they evoke.