Spark – January 2014 Fourth Anniversary Issue

Happy New Year! And my, what a moment for us at Spark – we turn FOUR this January, all thanks to your continued support! Celebrating our anniversary, we have put together an issue that encapsulates what we believe we stand for – variety! Presenting to you, the Spark fourth anniversary issue ‘Potpourri!’ As always, we have for you a delightful spread of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and some wonderful photography and art.

Poetry’s Prism

It’s a beautiful experience to understand what poetry really is and what it isn’t when a poet describes it for you. Vinita Agrawal pens a must-read piece.


Vipin KC lets the colours run wild in his painting of Krishna.

Tonight I can Write

A writer goes through a torturous bout of writer’s block. And suddenly, the words begin to flow. Nikitha Phyllis tells us how the words came back to the writer.

To My New-born Son

When a child is born, there are many thoughts that run in a father’s mind. Among them are those about their future together. Parth Pandya sheds light on some of these thoughts through a poem.

The Awkward Silence

Engaged to each other out of the blue, a young man and woman find themselves grappling with the uncomfortable silence that persists between them. Nandini Rajagopalan pens a beautiful story on the awkward silence.


A new year marks new beginnings. S. Harikrishnan captures several moods of beginnings through his lens.

Celebrating Another Birthday

A man who loves variety in life celebrates yet another birthday, but is everything alright? Shirani Rajapakse’s poem has the answers.

What Will You Do with Your Flashback?

Kalpanaa Misra tells us of the power of memories – to give pleasure or pain, depending on how we choose to look at them – as she recounts her memories associated with Christmas.