Spark – January 2015, 5th Anniversary Issue

It’s with a sort of dazed excitement that we’re writing this letter to you, readers! We simply can’t believe we’re turning five! We have had a roller coaster ride thinking of themes every month, working with our lovely contributors, reading, enjoying and discussing their contributions with them, and finally managing to put out every issue on the fifth of the month! Thank you, dearest readers of Spark, for your support through all these years. We grow stronger with every view, every share and every comment from you. We look forward to giving you many more issues of Spark in the coming years!


Pallavi gets a new set of teeth, and with that, a renewed vigour to bite… anything. A thriller is in store for you from Priya Anand, under the theme ‘Mystery & Crime’.

In Berlin

What magic do big cities hold for a budding traveller? Vani Viswanathan talks about why Berlin held her enthralled, dripping with history in its nooks and corners, under the theme ‘Travel’.

The Missing Amulet

A family is in constant search for a missing amulet belonging to an old man. With every passing day, while the mystery of the amulet remains unsolved, the family pursues the search unrelentingly, pushed by an underlying motive. Parth Pandya writes a poem on the theme, ‘Mystery & Crime’.

The Land and its People

Madhu Narasimhan captures the spirit of the people of a land that defines their cultural ethos, through his photo feature on the theme ‘History & Culture’.

It Gets a Million ‘Wows’ a Year

Visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa was more than a tourist’s delight; it leads one to think about science and the times we live in, writes Subbaram Danda, under the theme ‘Travel’.

The Plimsoll Line

The captain of a ship shares the different kinds of load that his ship carries and how the Plimsoll Line is the magic code that he has to follow. Bakul Banerjee writes a poem on the all important line under the theme ‘Science’.

The Wrong Burrow

Oscar the rabbit has been jailed for digging “against the course of nature” and is sentenced to trial. Harman Mavi tells Oscar’s story with strong parallels to the Indian judicial debate around Section 377 under the theme ‘History & Culture’.

Stuck between Languages

Can language be a barrier for someone who’s in love? Poornima Laxmeshwar presents her perspective through a poem on the theme ‘Love & Friendship’.