Silken Pilgrimages

This poem by Shreenidhi Rajagopalan is about silk, and the familiar images of the women in our lives it evokes. It talks about how we try to mould ourselves into those we grow up admiring, how we know we can’t and how we attempt to, anyway.

My Sartorial Journey

Chandramohan Nair takes a light-hearted look at his sartorial journey of sixty years and offers his mantra for navigating the world of fashion.

Patchwork Quilt Memories

Is the quilt woven from a lover’s memories enough to fill the void from her departure? Malcolm Carvalho writes a poem.

Sharing is Caring

Hand-me-downs and “swapping” clothes were a quintessential part of growing up in the 80s and 90s, and of college life. Vani recollects instances of sharing clothes and why she thinks it brings people closer.

A Secret Affair

A man talks about his interesting relationship with a yellow shirt in this poem by Saikat Das.


In this story by Anuradha, an army man reminisces about his experiences during a train journey, where he met a vibrant young mother who wove vivid patterns on clothes for a living. Dreamy by nature, but rooted to reality, the woman has left a lasting impression on him.

The Changing Face of My Wardrobe

From frocks stitched by her mother to owning beautiful Chettinad Cotton sarees, Anupama Krishnakumar traces the journey of her tryst with fabric and that of her ever-growing wardrobe.

Running Red

Swapnil’s story is of an adventure that hinges on a chunni and its red colour. A village girl notices an impending train disaster and tries to stop it by using the chunni as a stop sign. Will she succeed?

Weaving Traditions: The Patola Weavers of Patan

India is a land of rich culture and heritage. This piece brings you the story of one such striking heritage from the western part of the country as experienced by the author, ARTOHUS.