Grandmother’s Photo

As we move on in life, we carry things from the past only to lose them at some point in time. M. Mohankumar’s poem is about the photograph of a grandmother and her memory itself.

A Lump In the Breast

Mohankumar’s story traces the emotional roller-coaster that a man puts himself through when he spots a small lump in his left breast.


When all is well in love and suddenly, things take a different turn, a young bride is left waiting. M. Mohankumar pens a poem.

The Escape Act

A young man high up on an old banyan tree… what could he be up to? M. Mohankumar’s poem captures the man’s escape act.

Our New Housemaid

M.Mohankumar’s poem is about a housemaid who throws in a word or two in English in between conversations, sometimes to unfortunately comical results.

The Gamble

For Indian farmers, the monsoons are everything. Mohankumar’s poem tells the story of a farmer who waits hopefully for the rains to arrive and turn his fortune around.

The Idakka Player

An Idakka player credits the instrument for a splendid musical performance. M. Mohankumar captures a beautiful point of view in his poem.

The Wonderland of My Childhood

In a poem that captures the beauty of life in a village as a child, Mohankumar presents his version of Wonderland.

Contemplating His Face

A man, admired by many for his athletic figure and handsome looks, contemplates his face standing before a mirror. M. Mohankumar’s poem conjures the thoughts running in the man’s mind.