When all is well in love and suddenly, things take a different turn, a young bride is left waiting. M. Mohankumar pens a poem.

The Escape Act

A young man high up on an old banyan tree… what could he be up to? M. Mohankumar’s poem captures the man’s escape act.

Our New Housemaid

M.Mohankumar’s poem is about a housemaid who throws in a word or two in English in between conversations, sometimes to unfortunately comical results.

The Gamble

For Indian farmers, the monsoons are everything. Mohankumar’s poem tells the story of a farmer who waits hopefully for the rains to arrive and turn his fortune around.

The Idakka Player

An Idakka player credits the instrument for a splendid musical performance. M. Mohankumar captures a beautiful point of view in his poem.

The Wonderland of My Childhood

In a poem that captures the beauty of life in a village as a child, Mohankumar presents his version of Wonderland.

Contemplating His Face

A man, admired by many for his athletic figure and handsome looks, contemplates his face standing before a mirror. M. Mohankumar’s poem conjures the thoughts running in the man’s mind.


Shanti is unhappy because a poetic note that he writes questioning a certain police action is met with indifference. M. Mohankumar writes a poem on the bureaucracy in India.

Music to my Ears

Enthralled by South Indian classical music, M. Mohankumar shares the feelings that this music stirs within him, through a poem.

The Cherry Tree in the Backyard

M. Mohankumar writes a poem on the thoughts and emotions that a beautiful cherry tree in the backyard evokes.

After Rereading “The Diary of a Young Girl”

Inspired and moved by what he has read in ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’, M. Mohankumar writes a poem that invokes powerful images of the life of Anne Frank along with her family in their hideout during World War II. 2015 marks the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camps.