Exploring Womanhood Through Stories

Yes, we have five different stories that explore different facets of womanhood in their unique ways. ‘Covetous’ by Gauri Trivedi discusses the interesting things that a woman discovers at a women’s club. Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty’s ‘Miss’ talks about the worries of Anurag Dixit and yes, it’s a woman who is the cause for his worry. Anupama Krishnakumar’s ‘Two Women, And Then Another Two!’ explores how women really perceive other women and questions whether they realise that each woman’s needs and ideas could be different from another. Vani Viswanathan’s story is all about how a woman realises she is a ‘feminist’ after all. Finally, Shreya Ramachandran writes a story about three women and how one of them learns to apply Maya Angelou’s words , “I’m a woman, phenomenally phenomenal woman, that’s me.” to the other two women she knows. Catch all these stories here.

Giving Sita a Voice

In an interview to Spark, Samhita Arni, Author and one of our Writers of the Month, talks about her book, ‘Sita’s Ramayana’ and women in mythology, among other things. Anupama Krishnakumar listens in.

Womanhood: Do I Qualify?

Womanhood is becoming a collection of images that we must all aspire to, says Aparna Vedapuri Singh. Do body parts of women have to be judged?, she questions. Aparna, one of our Writers of the Month, discusses this very important dimension in a special column.

Before They Make a Woman Out of You

Vyoma Dhar Sharma has quite a lot to say to a woman. The thoughts take birth as poetry on paper. Learn to be a woman, she says, before they make a woman out of you. So, who is the real woman? Find out.


What happens when you become a part of a women’s club that meets every fortnight to discuss ‘important’ issues? A new entrant to this club discovers quite a bit. Gauri Trivedi writes a story.


And we dream that the sisters will grow up into a world we dream that women should live in…Art by Sreetama Ray.

Two Women, and Then Another Two!

Savithri moves into a new apartment and soon, her neighbours, Mrs. Bose and Mrs. Iyer have lots to talk about. How do women perceive women? Do they really understand that the needs and ideas of one woman could be different from another? Anupama Krishnakumar explores this perspective through a short story.


Anurag is deeply worried and is struggling to figure out what’s actually gone wrong with his life all of a sudden. Jeevanjyoti Chakraborty writes a gripping short story.

A Change of City, a Change in Me

Hollaback! is an international initiative that aims to spread awareness about street sexual harassment. It is currently active in 16 countries around the world. In India, Hollaback! operates in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, and the Chennai chapter was launched in December last year. Aishwarya S, a project associate with Hollaback! Chennai talks about street sexual harassment and what she has learnt and done as part of Hollaback! Chennai.