Journeys, Destinations, Memories and More

Journeys, Destinations, Memories and More. Yes, that’s really the essence of what the Spark team has produced in response to the theme, ‘My Place, My Soul’. Here we present four personal experiences, each touching gently on the facets we seek to explore through this edition. Journey time, folks!

Falling in Love with Calcutta

What does Calcutta or Kolkata mean to Bishwanath Ghosh? The writer offers an interesting perspective on his relationship with the city. Not just that, Ghosh has something to add about the place he has lived in over the last ten years – Chennai. Chennai, he says is like his wife, and Kolkata, his mistress. More, in this special column for Spark. Bishwanath Ghosh is our Writer of the Month.

Melbourne Magic

Bijesh Krishnadas captures the magic of Melbourne through his photographs.

An Undying Love for Big Cities

Big Cities fascinate her for various reasons, says Vani Viswanathan. Despite all the flaws that they may have, they are magical. In a special photo essay, she presents to you the soul of two of her favourite cities that she recently visited—Athens and Istanbul. While you get ready to be transported, here’s also a small prelude that will sure be the perfect launch pad. Text and pictures by Vani Viswanathan.

My Campus, My Soul

In a series of photographs, Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy captures the little details that represent the essence of his university, The University of Southern California (USC).

Rail Duniya

One cannot think of destinations and travel in India without thinking of trains. Trains are indispensable to the Indian way of life and for quite a few people, are a mind-blowing source of fascination. Just like Balaji Iyer. Catch him rave about Indian trains and the love he has for them. Remember, if destinations touch your soul, trains are the means to that salvation.

The Many Moods of Key West

Vivekananth Gurumoorthy captures the many moods of the skies at Key West, Florida,—the southernmost tip of the U.S.

Pond of My Tears

Sonnet Mondal pens a poem remembering his village.

A Pale Pink Dawn

A journalist who looks fairly out of place in the city she is in; yet she is someone who carries herself with enviable ease, someone for whom being out of place isn’t much of a bother. And then there’s her friend too. So, what do these two women do? Preeti Madhusudhan tells you a story that’s set in Chennai.