Spark – May 2013 Issue

Hi there! Are you enjoying (?!) the full blast of the summer? A scorching sun making you wish you could stay away from the streets during the day? Well, Spark’s May issue is sure to give you a treat in terms of what the street means to our lives: ‘Life on the Street’ is what we have on offer for you this month. This issue is a fiction special with several stories on the ways of life on the street, but there are some beautiful poems, non-fiction, photography and art to savour too. We are especially proud to feature poetry by some widely-published writers. And of course, we have our usual fare from The Lounge. We hope you enjoy this issue!

The Azhagu (Charm) of Alagirisamy Salai

Much happens in Alagirisamy Salai, a road in a South Indian city. A far-away soul reminisces, and Divya Ananth pens the thoughts.

Holy Cow!

Life on the street is filled with varied experiences and everyone who occupies this space has an interesting story to share from their perspective. In her work of fiction that has an interesting narrator, Ankitha Venkataram brings a different dimension to the theme ‘Life on the Street’. Read on.

Mumbai Street Food, Ahoy!

When you think of the bustling city of Mumbai, among the whole lot of things that come rushing to your mind about the place, one of the foremost is the absolutely mind-blowing variety of street food that the city is waiting to pile on your plate. Deepa Venkatraghvan shares her own thoughts on the cultural phenomenon called ‘Mumbai street food’ while also listing some of the must-try fast food and desserts that you must check out in Mumbai streets on your next visit!

Gopu’s Initiation

Gopu doesn’t understand or trust rich people in cars, and somehow, within a short span of two days some of them have a large role to play in his life. Loreto M pens a story about Gopu’s initiation into rich people behaviour.

The Streets of Mumbai

Raju Rhee captures various scenes in the streets of the city that never sleeps.

The Road to Nowhere

Some paths, no matter how many years have passed since you last walked on them, continue to evoke memories – both treasured and painful. Rohit Sharma’s story focuses on one such path, the memories associated with it and the tale of two brothers who trudged along that path to go to school.

Sex and the City

Anuradha’s story follows the emotions of three people on a cold Bangalore night.

From My Kitchen Window

In a poem that captures the happenings of yet another day in the street, RK Biswas constructs a picture of the not-so-closely-watched yet interesting things that fill the street – a picture that is framed by the kitchen window.