On Learning to Write

Nilesh Mondal’s poem talks about a woman’s road to literacy, even though it comes late in her life. Her feelings about easing into this new role of a student are bittersweet to her though.


Abhinav Kumar writes a humorous account of three friends in search of a rare Kashmiri delicacy in New Delhi, drawn from personal experience.

When a Pen Goes Missing

Sourav Pattanayak writes a poem in memory of his favourite pen which has gone missing. By extension, the poem also remembers and addresses his favourite people in life.

A Kite Fight in Kathmandu

Chandramohan Nair writes about the excitement of learning to fly a kite and then moving on to his first kite fight in distant Kathmandu almost half a century ago.

Legs Must Go On

We feature two works of art from Sana Khan’s series, “Legs Must Go On”. Medium : Oil on Canvas.

Umpires Beware, Automation is Here!

Suresh Subrahmanyan dusts off and presents an unpublished article he wrote 41 years ago in 1976, little realising the prescient and portentous implications this humorously imagined piece was to have on the world of cricket, a few decades later. Or to put it another way, instant replays and the third umpire were still a distant dream in the ‘70s.

The Meet

When an individual comes face to face with himself or herself, a very unusual rendering of one’s own self may happen…A poem by Saikat Das.

The Merger

Not all relationships trace a linear path. Read this naughty short story by Parth Pandya that traces a merger of a different kind.

Summer Holidays in My Village

Each upbeat trace of Debasis Tripathy’s childhood is imprinted with memories of his village and the several summer vacations he has spent there with his grandparents. He attempts to relive some of them through this poem.

A Walk in the Park

Life is a walk in the park, until it is not. The protagonist in Bodhisatwa’s story has a haunting love-hate relationship with smoking and jogging. Quitting the former and embracing the latter turns out to be equally painful and for the same reason.

A Journey Into the Woodlands

The true pleasure of a journey lies in the beauty of the path and the satisfaction of destination lies in the stretch of the recollections. Comfort doesn’t lie in mock luxuries and money isn’t a measure of wealth. A grand voyage ends at the beginning for the earth is round, like life itself. A photo feature by Subhasish Satapathy.