A mother talks about those priceless moments she shares with her innocent, pure and selfless little one. Varsha Sreenivsan pens a poem.

Stealing from a Cookie Jar

One thing that most of us would have done as a child. Art by Amrita Sarkar.

Those Good Old Memories

Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy deviates a little from his routine this time and has something interesting to share. This time he sketches things that are slowly becoming a thing of the past and captures the sketches as photographs with an antique feel.

Byte Sized-1

Vani Viswanathan pens five little stories around childhood. Find the first one here and the rest in between other articles in this issue.

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The second of a series of stories on childhood by Vani Viswanathan.

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The fifth of a series of stories on childhood by Vani Viswanathan.

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The fourth of a series of stories on childhood by Vani Viswanathan.

Long-Ago Summers

A poem that will bring back memories of childhood summers. Poetry by Sandhya Ramachandran.

Books must Work for all Children

Radhika Menon of Tulika Publishers opens up on the inception of Tulika Publishers, the books they publish, the challenges they face, future plans of Tulika and her thoughts on the Indian children’s publishing industry. Catch Radhika Menon’s interesting response to Anupama Krishnakumar’s questions here.

Byte Sized – 3

Karthik only had to close his eyes to remember the scene. The pre-adolescent him lying in bed, his cover drawn up to his chin as he was wont to do, and looking through the window over his head into the balcony where his father would stand, smoking, after a long day at work. And that […]

It’s not about Children but about Parents!

In an interview to Spark, Raksha Bharadia, author, talks about her book on parenting, ‘Roots and Wings’ and some important aspects of childhood and parenting in today’s world. Anupama Krishnakumar listens in.