Spark – November 2013 Issue

Hope you enjoyed the festival season! How often did you use your mobile phone to call your dear ones, sending wishes across, clicking a picture and sharing it immediately – or filming fireworks on your phone? This month, we pay a tribute to ‘Going Mobile’. Contributions span a range of ways in which the mobile phone plays such a large presence in our lives. Look out for heartwarming fiction and quirky poetry besides our usual dose of non-fiction. We hope you enjoy this issue!

For Whom the Cell Tolls

Parth Pandya captures the various ways in which mobile phones feature in our lives, through haikus.

‘I Need No Paint Brushes!’

Archita Suryanarayanan spots a child doing up a drawing on his mother’s smartphone.The incident prompts her to mull over how mobile phones draw people more and more into a virtual world particularly with their technological excellence. She writes down her thoughts in a piece of non-fiction.

Always On

Vani Viswanathan captures four different moods from using mobile phones, through four byte-sized stories.

I’ll Marry My Mobile Phone!

Youngsters today are highly addicted to their mobile phones – so much so that they have cocooned themselves into a virtual world. Cell phones have grown to be their extended selves. Pranusha Kulkarni’s poem is a parody on how addicted they have become to this millennial gadget.

Phone for Ammu

Ammu, married only six months to Manoj, who lives in another country, longs to know him better. The muted conversations they have on the phone as his parents sit listening around her aren’t helping. A mobile phone comes to the rescue. Sudha Nair tells us how.

The Case of a Man and a Woman

Meera and Siddharth are reeling from the sting of their first fight. They stare at their mobile phones, aching for the other’s call. And then a call arrives… Anupama Viswanathan tells the story.

Blitzkrieg – Conquering Genres of Creativity

THE LOUNGE | TURN OF THE PAGE Vinita Agrawal reviews Blitzkrieg, a “mesmerising presentation of art” that goes beyond being a collection of poems.