A Shared Journey of Discovery and New Knowledge

Anu Kumar, Author, talks to Anupama Krishnakumar on what it means to be a children’s author, including what fascinates her about writing for children, what’s the sort of research that goes into her books, who her favourite children’s authors are and what’s her favourite from her own body of work. Plus there is a beautiful reading list that she recommends for children too.

Silences and Safe Spaces: Therapeutic Help for Child Sexual Abuse Survivors

SOCIAL LENS | Therapy for child sexual abuse survivors is an aspect often ignored when it comes to responding to abuse. Shreya Sen, with the Therapeutic Intervention team at Arpan, an organization that works to prevent child sexual abuse, talk about the various ways therapy can help heal.


A mother’s fashion accessories become a little girl’s source of fascination and temptation. Fashionista is the fashion (mis)adventure of that child. Shloka Shankar captures it in a poem.


Big-eyed, looking ahead or focused… children are just curious! Maheswaran Sathiamoorthy captures the curiosity through his lens.

The Wristwatch

A wristwatch from childhood, bought under rather strange circumstances, continues to hold a special place, even though many costlier and flashier watches make their way into the narrator’s life. M. Mohankumar’s poem is a tribute to that wristwatch.

With Mountains for Guardians

A girl of nine joins a Boarding school, and enters a whole new world, something so different from the sheltered life she lived. Vinita Agrawal recounts her experiences of childhood.

The Story of a Ruler

A ruler catches a little girl’s eye. Now how can she get her hands on one? Vani Viswanathan tells a story of longing, tantrums and a child’s relationship with her parents.

Down Memory Lane

A visit to her childhood home brings back memories of innocence, fun and carefree days. Latha Sakhya pens a poem on the journey down memory lane.


The bond that a child shares with her mother is characterized by assurance – the child’s instinctive belief that there could be no safer place in this world that a mother’s arms, writes M. Mohankumar in his poem.