A Flutter of the Heart

Sudha Nair tells the story of a woman whose boring life of regular sounds, voices and bustle is changed by a serendipitous encounter.


This piece is a collaboration between poetry and art. The poem is from the perspective of a certain ‘She’ who is very desirable to the world, who is out there giving in to people and satisfying her own ‘desire’ to heal and transform people but she herself as the innate desire to find that one thing can be her ‘fix’.

Waves of Desire

Desire is what brought this world into existence and desires are those that drive life on this planet. M. Mohankumar shares his thoughts through a poem on the waves of desire.

To Write or Not to Write

What inspires a writer? Joy, pain, triumph, experiences or perhaps just a keen sense of observation? In poetic prose, Gauri Trivedi describes how the desire to write is always within her, surfacing only in times when things are not quite right. It is not an inspiration she deliberately seeks, it’s just the way it has turned out to be.

Sonia’s Dēsīderāre

Life seems to be flowing pretty normally for Sonia till something extremely mind-blowing and beautiful captures her heart one day when she drops her daughter at playschool. Rrashima Swaroop Verma’s short story on a woman’s desire is sure to keep you hooked.

The Destination of Desires

Subbaram Danda writes about his visit to the ‘Destination of Desires’, Darjeeling, sharing his experiences of witnessing the statues of the Buddha at the Japanese Peace Pagoda as well as many other fascinating attractions including the snow-clad peak of the Kanchenjunga. It’s a visit that made him dwell intently upon ‘desire’, he writes. Text and Pictures by Subbaram Danda.

Wake Me Up

Words that drip with desire. That’s what Ray’s poem is. Read on.

A Bedtime Story

A couple struggling with a new baby – for the first time – in their lives rediscover passion. Debleena Roy tells the story.

That Little Blue Car

For someone who grew up in Mumbai in the 90s, Parth Pandya’s dream of owning a car is not unthinkable. But did he eventually end up living his dream? He shares the memories of a desire.

Crossing the Line

A lonely woman decides to put an end to her stifling loneliness by stepping out and living life in her own terms. Vinita Agrawal captures the happenings on a wet July evening in Mumbai through a poem.

Longings of a Lifetime

Through his lens, Mahesh depicts the longings/desires of a person (male in this case), as he goes through life, starting with candies, toys and so on to peace/spirituality in old age.

Living with Desire

Rajlakshmi Kurup ponders over the various connotations that the word ‘desire’ takes, especially when it comes to women.

In the Absence of Desire

It’s rare to find someone who works hard on a task not because they desire results but because it is a duty that has to be performed to perfection. Preeti Madhusudhan writes the story of three brothers and their father whom they revere and is their biggest inspiration.


Coffee and kissing are such pleasurable acts, writes Runes in her short and sweet poem on Desire. Read on.

Dilli – A Review by RK Biswas

THE LOUNGE | TURN OF THE PAGE Dilli, an anthology of poetry on Delhi by under-30s is a collection that captures the love-hate-and-other emotions that the city evokes, says RK Biswas in her review.

Of Momos and Jaa

THE LOUNGE | SLICE OF LIFE Having lived in Bhutan for three years and experienced some interesting facets of the place, Goutam Bhattacharya decides to write on the exquisite variety of food that he had the chance to feast upon during his stay in Bhutan. Here’s a piece that’s sure to tickle your taste buds!